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  1. About the dumbest f***ing thing I’ve ever seen. LOVE the straps for the wings – but . . . are they waiting to die or something?

  2. you could replace the wings with napsacks for the same effect

  3. JennyBS

    What self-respecting dude would take this photo?

    • Photobury

      What self respecting guy would pose for this photo? Whipped…

      • Canaduck

        Maybe he’s just a moron, like the woman obviously is.


    It’s unfortunate there’s no lightroom preset to get rid of muffin tops.

  5. hooray gut pimples and farmer tan!! photoshop has heal tools for a REASON! though, it IS only photoshop… not MAGIC

  6. not the worse I have seen. But why the hell are they wearing wings.

  7. Annoyed

    Wow. Where to start. Farmer’s tan. Blown out sky. Horrible conversion. Why is it missing the white mat effect though? I thought that was a standard among fauxtogs when using sepia.

  8. All this is lacking a nice bit of spot colour….


  10. Faith Simbeck

    Haha! First farmer’s tan I’ve seen all year…and it comes with wings! Wonder if he’s hiding a cheese sammie under that there muffin top!

  11. reallythough

    very artistic.

  12. ahahahah, is this supposed to be a joke?

  13. ROFLcopter

    What’s scary is that this is being appropriately ridiculed on here…but if you saw this on FB there would be a dozen friends and friends of friends that would be giving this image raving reviews..”omg this is so beautiful!!! <3<3" Fucking facebook people… NEVER trust your friends reviews on FB.

  14. artie fufkin

    every time a bell rings……

  15. Did any of you notice that she is not even wearing a top? OMG! I would be mortified!!! No way!

  16. My BF just saw this over my shoulder and said ‘we should totally do that.’ He’ll be sleeping alone tonight.

  17. The guy is OOF, but the shot is hilarious.

    I think everything here was intentional, and campy. Bad-Campy isn’t the same as Ignorantly-Horrible like most fauxtographers.

    I’m defending this shot as not faux.

  18. the picture itself is not too bad. the woman and the dude are just too ugly

    • Shut up

      This site is meant to make fun of the photos, and the “photographers” who take them. NOT to make fun of the people being photographed, and certainly, their attractiveness. Stop being a douchebag.

      • you white knights know no end. can’t spot a troll to save your life.

  19. Such a perfect specimen of manhood. So… dominant.

  20. Well I don’t suppose there are rules about angels having plump thighs or posing like a gay biker.

  21. Just Me

    You really don’t see any technical issues with it? Huh … aren’t you cute.

    • It could’ve used some directional light like a reflector on camera left, but it’s obviously all intentional. (Since they were going for drama they should’ve used some more contrasty light on the subjects.)

      This clearly is meant to be silly, and it is. Maybe you missed the joke? Or am I the only one that thinks this?

      • Just Me

        I really think you’re the joke if you don’t see technical issues with this photo … the blown-out sky, the lack of sharpness, the flatness. Maybe you should take up knitting instead of photography.

      • I already commented on the lack of sharpness, above. I also commented on the flatness, which is obvious because you’re responding to it.

        The blown sky is not an issue.

        The point is you didn’t get the joke and neither did several people here. That doesn’t mean it was a bad joke. And complaining about the sky is like complaining about a funny joke where the person did a poor Irish accent while telling it.

  22. incredible!

  23. I can see this shot being done for shits and giggles and “why the hell not?”; some of my favorite shots are screwing off with ridiculous poses and faces. If I were the photographer, though, I wouldn’t have spent time ‘post-processing’ it, and I sure as hell wouldn’t have posted it in my public profile.

  24. NicCole

    I like it. I don’t think it’s supposed to be serious. Wouldn’t call it “pro” though. Keep your humor on your personal pages, people.

  25. Gal with a Camera

    I hope she has a bra on I hope she has a bra on I hope she has a bra on. If not, then… wow why would you do that outside!!

  26. Majestic.
    Why am I laughing like a complete buffoon at that simple, cryptic little comment. Bwawhahahaha

  27. rule N#1
    Huge watermark : lame photographer.

  28. Oh my gosh! Awful! Funny thing is….I saw a photo that one of my friends parents took the other day on facebook with this same look! Fake wings? Angel and devil? What the hell are they thinking?

  29. Obviously his best Superman pose..

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