Giraffe Kiss

Obviously this image isn’t edited at all!

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  1. That Giraffe should go see a Vet. There is a seriously nasty looking growth on the end of its tongue!!!

  2. drewbroo

    Did the Giraffe eat the rest of that kid?

  3. Grimoire

    Please tell me this is not from a “professional” site and is just meant as a joke? A reverse image search turned up a number of similar bad Photoshops. The original.

  4. Good God…were they trying to make it look like the baby is there? Or just trying to “frame” the baby? So…RANDOM.

  5. Now, if the fauxtog really got a giraffe to kiss a baby… and composed it well, then that would actually be cute!

  6. What is up with the hand under the giraffe?

  7. Melissa

    Who knew babies can be as tall as a giraffe?

    PS. Please wipe that drool off the baby’s chin before taking a picture.

  8. wait, wut

    ooooh, misappropriated AP stock. such a PRO!!!

  9. Patricia

    Wow…this is so bad! Like B – A – D with capital letters. I don’t know why anyone would show this off…bad edit, weird concept, kid looking all weirded out. Someone needs to step away from Photoshop and rethink this whole mess.

  10. GIANT baby! Horrible, horrible photoshopping job.

  11. O.M.G ……… 😐

  12. Poor baby… no ears, no left arm, a stump in the other… and she has to put up with these purple feathers.

  13. Poor baby, my ass! At least they can grow up and hopefully move on from this horror. It’s the baby giraffe I feel the most sorry for. They’ll never live down the shame of being in a photo on this site 🙁

  14. hm is this the same person who photoshopped the picture of the baby fairy ghost looking creature over the tiger? Both plagerized pictures?

  15. lol – there’s no way anyone was trying to use this as part of a portfolio. It makes me think of some grandparent who discovered photoshop and was playing around with pics of their grandbabies. I don’t think they intended to make it look like the baby was REALLY being kissed by the giraffe. Just having fun with the idea. Maybe the nursery theme is giraffes or zoo animals or something. If this was given to me as a Christmas gift – Well, yes, i would hide it in my basement (if i had one) or conveniently spill coffee on it after they left. BUT I wouldn’t disown them or intentionally make them feel bad about it. I have one grandparent who manages to always pick the absolute WORST pics of her grandbabies to hang in her home. It horrifies my sense of taste. But SHE likes it. She’s never liked any of the good stuff we’ve ever given her. So I’ve started intentionally giving her the outtakes. Not the good outtakes (great expression but tilted or off-meter, goofy expressions but great comp). The BAD ones. The ones where the baby has a runny nose, the super-fair skinned toddler slid into the brighter light so that his face nearly disappeared into a ball of fuzzy white, while his sibling jumped out of the light so fast that his face is now a bit wider than normal and there is a shadow of a 3rd eye developing on his temple. Not portfolio quality. When she dies we will burn them. But it makes her happy somehow.

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