So Many Questions


And this is why this site exists. What the hell is the black thing the baby is holding that disappears to the foreground? What’s with the random red on baby’s hand? Why isn’t the picture in focus? I could keep asking the questions until next Christmas and never understand.

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  1. Merry Christmas to you to, freaky little zombie reindeer-wannabe baby!

  2. Anonymous

    geezus……….. wow!

  3. Anonymous

    Besides the confusing socks on his head and selective coloring telling me they are the important focus…
    Wait, what happened? I need an aspirin!

  4. I… uh… honest first thoughts …. Why does this blur child look like a tiny transvestite from Rocky Horror? Next thought: Does that kid have all his limbs?
    These are not questions I want to even think about let alone think of.

  5. Christie Mathis

    and what is the theme here? reindeer and elephants? llamas? dinosaurs? what kind of animal is that?

  6. The black thing is mom’s hand (or a helper’s hand) covered by a black towel or sheet to prop up the baby. The hope was that with it being black, it wouldn’t stick out against the black background. The fail came from the fact that it is closer to the flash than the background and it got more light, plus it covers up part of baby.

    I have no answer for the spot color – especially on the face, hand and neck…

    Nor do I have an answer for the focus – other than to say – maybe the AF was on the background.

    Not something I’d want to send to Dad, especially if he’s overseas in the military.

    Just the thought that this might be the last photo of junior that he sees is enough to make me hope that the person who did this didn’t get paid for it.

  7. Holy crap, did they actually PAY for this?!

  8. The demon baby is holding up the entrances to Hell, that’s what the black thing is….

  9. I must see the rest of this portfolio.

  10. Wsroadrunner

    I have no ideas on this. Maybe some fauxtographer will come explain it and tell us how good it is?

    • I think it’s sweet…look at those rosy lips and that pale gray skin. And how special to have mom helping in the foreground…makes it kind of like a family portrait. And how cute are the elephants prancing across that bib!! Sweet little reindeer…


  11. Won’t anyone think of the children?

  12. I think the photographer, sorry, fauxtographer is holding the baby with one hand and shooting with the other, hence the blur. The arm looks like those self portraits teenagers take of themselves at arms length… and this picture is UAF and deserves to be binned. (UAF = Ugly As F!ck)

  13. Wsroadrunner

    Maybe the fauxtographer was trying ot tell us that ‘Daddy’ is Hellboy? that would explain the horns….

  14. The clown who shot this crap thinks he’s the greatest thing to photography that ever happened. Sadly, the general, uneducated public will buy it and be happy because he’s cheap. Hey public…you get what you pay for. A reality of life.

    • Hey, just fyi, the photographer who took this had to have been the one to submit this, so they probably don’t think they were the greatest thing that happened to photography/

  15. At least the maker took the time to choose just the perfect font.
    I am going to puke now. . .

  16. Unfortunately, there are some cameras out there that actually do spot coloring for you! I don’t know the brand, but I know someone who uses one of these cameras. And some of her pics look just like this, you chose to show red, and every red blotchy part of the skin also shines through! Disgusting.

    • some of the new point and shoots do that for you. When one maker announced that their newest model had that “feature” I flamed them on FB – You wouldn’t believe the responses I got to that comment from “photographers”. (well maybe you would… None of them nice)

      • It’s not new. I have a point and shoot from 5+ years ago that has that function.

  17. Demon Baby! Yeah I thought that too. My initial reaction here was WTF??! OMFG!!

  18. CanadianDot

    OMG!!! That baby has a TERRIBLE case of Selectivecolouritis!!!

    • jennric

      LOL… that’s the funniest thing I’ve read on this blog.

  19. amplexus05

    Sometimes (well, most of the time), I can’t believe the horrendous things people do to photos.

  20. How sad–Daddy’s gone to the Great Beyond. 🙁 At least that was my first impression when I saw the child gazing up into the sky. Well, at least maybe daddy can convince the big man upstairs that horrible spot coloring isn’t grounds for eternal damnation….

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