This Ring Has Powers


Don’t take the ring!!! It turns people yellow. Well, actually I suppose yellow is a step up from blah tone, so hurry, grab the ring.

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  1. I can hear the Angels singing!!!

  2. This is NOT a good idea.

  3. The pic wouldn’t have been a bad one per say…until…well ya know. gah!

  4. Just want to say lolllllllllll!

  5. The woman in the background… covering her face in shame… she KNOWS what this fauxtog was thinking… “Oh, come on, REALLY?”

  6. I will not gives the nasty brideses my precious!

  7. Green Lantern might have to kick that kids ass now.

  8. This could have been quite nice if they hadn’t turned the boy yellow/gold colour

    • I’m pretty sure it was just crappy white balance, and they didn’t know how to fix it so they turned it black and white lol…why they changed him back, I have no idea…

  9. One Ring to rule them all, One Ring to find them,
    One Ring to bring them all and in the darkness bind them… and, erm, turn them yellow?


  10. Let’s see – how to correct for the fact that I’m shooting this at f16 as opposed to f4 where I’d actually have the distracting background out of focus?

    Oh, yeah, I know! I’ll spot color the ring bearer and then forget to set white balance, because black and white does that for me automatically – right?

    Obviously an attempt to fix a wrong which should have been right in camera.

  11. ThatOnePhotog

    I used to think this was cool… I loved spot color. Then i turned 12. Realized my passion for photography. Took classes, studied under other photogs, bought a camera worth using, spent hours a day learning how to use it, learned how to edit, and refused to spot color no matter what the customer said…

  12. Let’s not ignore the weird edge vignetting! The spot colour makes the registrar’s hand look like he’s just been dragged out of his coffin, what a great look!

    I’m curious how you all would go about refusing spot colour to a client? Don’t get me wrong, I’m dead against it, particularly in portraits, I’m just always wary of offending clients since they don’t know any better and a lot of people like it. I usually explain about it making people look half dead and that the brain can’t process it properly so it makes colour perception all out of whack – that and it will almost certainly look very dated in years to come. I try to stay away from “it’s crap and amateur and any tog who has been doing this longer than 6 months will have realised this and outgrown it”! Just curious what other people say to steer clients away from it?

    I really do think there is a place for spot colour particularly when people are self-taught, but that place is ‘one of the first things you learn in photoshop, then do it to death, then move on’.

    • I actually like spot color when it makes sense/done correctly. For example, there’s a really nice photo I saw in a scrapbooking layout book, with the image of a baby playing with a set of those colored stacking rings. The image is in black and white except for the rings, and the layout has a matching color scheme. It actually looks really nice. And sometimes, I like the black and whites of a bride with the bouquet in color.

      But it is SO overdone now, it’s almost hard to even enjoy those photos.

      • So you liked an image, with the subject being the baby, that spot colored the toys it was playing with?


        Even if edited well the colored toy will bring ones eyes AWAY from the subject, the baby.

  13. Wsroadrunner

    The kid is yellow because the ring is glow in the dark.

  14. i really think it had potential… the color spot IN THIS SITUATION isnt very good, but i have used it before and got great results… Remember we were all new to photography once and I think he/she has a good start. at least s/he is getting out there and working towards it. look back at YOUR first pics and see how “great” they were… i know mine werent that great but this is the kind of stuff that makes a person great, getting through the crap stage without giving up… props to all my fellow entrepreneurs out there!

    • @ third eye view, you REALLY think this shot had potential ? Forget the spot colour and then even ignore that white balance was way off, the shot is awful. And yes everyone starts somewhere but please don’t start at someone’s special day.

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