Sky Face

That’s one way to expand your mind!

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  1. Meeshybee

    How sad. It would have been adorable if only Daddy had a cranium.

  2. Lmbo! So silly. I “love” it!

  3. SMH ~sigh~

  4. Angela MacIsaac (@that_angela)

    How does he keep his brain from getting wet when it rains?

  5. Burninbiomass

    As the quote goes “Keep an open mind – but not so open that your brain falls out”.

  6. There’s using your brain and then there’s losing your brain.

  7. Could be a good pic if there shutter hadn’t been up so high!

    • But the shutter is “up so high.” It’s WAYYYY overexposed, so it’s not a good pic. It’s only one of the fundamental elements of photography. It’s like saying, “she could be a good singer if only she weren’t tone deaf!”

      • What on earth are you both on about? The shutter wasn’t high (fast) enough….

      • Thanks Andy. I was beginning to believe that everything I thought I knew about photography was completely wrong! BTW, I hate those f’ing banners. So stupid.

      • Thanks for commenting fauxtog #1 and #2

      • I’m not a fauxtog. The only camera I own is on my phone. I’m just commenting on the idiocy of people who post comments “this would have been a good picture if only …” to bad photos.

      • Yet you posted with authority….

        Go figure

    • Okay can I clarify something for you guys please. It’s not that the shutter is “up so high” that is the reason this photo is overexposed. Actually if the shutter speed had been higher it wouldn’t have washed out the sky so much. This is a good time to learn how to work with your ISO and shutter speed, maybe even play with your aperture. I’ve been told I’m stuck in the 80’s by a nice photographer on here but I still believe that filters are a great tool to use.. a sky filter on this sucker would have given you a nice blue sky and no washout. This is all elementary photography stuff guys.

      • Your comment about a sky filter no longer holds true…

      • The sky filter idea still holds true. All you need was a good sky filter, a faster shutter speed and maybe a fill flash to light up the areas that are exposed well in this shot

  8. Wsroadrunner

    Someone blew the top of his head off… it’s Zombie-daddy.

  9. Too bad, I thought at first I was just looking at the photo w/ a bad glare on my screen; this was actually not a bad shot.

  10. So much potential, so little talent.

    • It’s not that it’s lack of talent, it’s lack of technique. This person could be a very good photographer if they took a class on using their camera properly. Photography is an art, if you don’t have an eye for composition, color, etc. Then no amount of technical expertise will make you a good photographer. If you are artistically talented, then you can learn the technical skills you need to be a good photographer.

  11. Fauxtogs – making pale people look even paler since 1897

  12. Just another example of the very popular “blown out” look photographers have tried to avoid since…well forever!

  13. Gal with a Camera

    Is the ‘love’s thong photoshopped or is it actually there? Hmmm

    • Gal with a Camera

      THONG?! Lol that was supposed to be ‘thing’. Stupid auto correct!

      A thong would have made this sooooo much worse though. Phew, so glad they didn’t think to put THAT in there! 😉

  14. cheesenode

    I saw this and immediately thought:

    Purple haze all in my brain
    Lately things just don’t seem the same
    Actin’ funny, but I don’t know why
    ‘Scuse me while I kiss the sky

  15. Artie Fufkin

    I’m sure the MWAC thinks she’s very very artsy.

    • There are plenty of MWAC’s out there who know how to properly use a camera, thank you very much. Can we move past this sexist banter of thinking only men or women without children can do photography well? Being a mom does not = being a horrible photographer. Being a horrible photographer = being a horrible photographer.

  16. Christina

    What a shame. This could have been a good shot if the fauxtog actually knew how to use a camera.

  17. I think this is just a lack of education. This photographer has potential for sure, but they need to learn how to execute shots correctly. This is definitely overexposed and too bright.

  18. The sad part is the top of his head has actually been shopped out… tilt your screen back and observe the awesomeness.

  19. I wish they would’ve attempted to darken the sky behind him and “sculpt” his head out of the whiteness… THAT would be funny fauxtog at their best.

  20. I think most of you are overly critical of this photographer.
    Although I would have chosen a different, tighter composition that omitted the “love” banner, there are quite a few good composition elements to be found in this image.
    – The use of the rule of 3.
    – The subject is photographed at eye level.
    – The “love” banner breaks up the sky a monotonous sky and is compatible with the feeling evoked this image.
    So, the photographer has some eye for composition.
    I’m not saying it’s a masterpiece worthy of international acclaim but I can definitely see some promise.
    I think that what we have here is a typical example of cheap consumer hardware.
    The high contrast scene confuses the internal light meter and the dynamic range is far beyond the capacity of the sensor.
    I wouldn’t be surprised if the camera didn’t even allow for exposure compensation.
    So, I see this more as a good attempt that turned out badly due to hardware limitations and some lack of experience on the photographers part then as an example of a true fauxtog wannabe.
    Let’s not forget that we all had to learn the craft. Sometimes all people need is a little encouragement and advice instead of condescending remarks.
    Help your fellow photographers and make the hobby better…

    • But if you KNOW how to manually expose your camera, hell, even check a histogram or LOOK at the image to make sure dad still has a head, none of this will be a problem. The entire picture is blown. Yes, it has good elements, which many have mentioned, and this photographer, if he/she someday learns how to properly use their camera, may one day make great pictures. But this is a prime example of how having an eye doesn’t mean jack if you don’t have the technical knowledge to go along with it. And don’t blame the camera- on auto, it wouldn’t have done this. The subjects would have been underexposed and the background would have been properly exposed. If anything, this photographer is in the process of learning manual and overexposed. Which is fine, if you’re just learning as a hobby. But if you’re charging people money… which is what lands people on this website, you should NOT be blowing out someone’s head. There is simply no excuse for it.

      • @Tonya:
        I was unaware that every photograph on this side was made by someone who charges for their work. I thought that this might have been an exception to the majority because I didn’t see a blackened out link to the photographer’s site/facebook page/…
        And while I find myself very supportive of new photographers who are trying to learn (or anyone who’s trying to improve his/her skills for that matter), I do wholeheartedly agree that this level of quality is incompatible with a paid assignment and/or claims of a professional service.

    • I agree with you about the tighter composition. However, although the banner breaks up the sky, I would rather see the subjects convey their “love” through better posing/body language. The little girl looks completely natural and obviously loves her father. As for dad, the fauxtog should have asked him to look at his daughter instead of straight on, and to move his right hand to a less rigid-looking pose.

      I hope the person who shot this photo will read everyone’s comments and take them constructively. With a lot more practice, s/he could improve tremendously.

  21. How does this happen??? I mean, I get how overexposure happens. Pretty sure it happens to the best of us at some point or another. But how does the photographer not look at their screen and think “crap, that’s overblown. Redo”. And how does the overblown shot even make it into their finals to even be given to the client or used in any sort of portfolio context? This problem goes a bit deeper than just not knowing how to work with ISO, aperature, and shutter speed. It presents a lack of ability edit out the crap shots.

    But the good new here, is that this person has potential and will probably figure this all out eventually. Can’t say the same for some of the other fauxtogs on here who clearly are lacking an actual creative eye.

  22. WAIT —> am I the only one who sees the extra set of legs behind that little girl?? what the?

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