Soooo fauxtography…

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  1. Artie Fufkin

    is that an anal wart?

  2. Yeuck…….

  3. Huh? Blurry green gum?

  4. So much wrong with that pic….and to put your photography business name on it!? What are you thinking?

  5. I don’t even know what to say to this one…..ummm….wtf?

  6. wtf??

  7. Bernard Rentajag

    Christ, my cataracts must be getting bad.

  8. Nathan Bonsal

    There IS something worse than a sharp photo of a fuzzy concept- a blurry photo of a blurry concept!

  9. REALLY?!!

  10. What on earth? That’s simply wrong. Why on earth would ANYONE in their right minds put their business name on THAT?

  11. ok thats nothing more than a pic someone would take with a phone for a facebook page!

    • Gal with a Camera

      I’m thinkin this is bad even for a facebook photo… I just cant see anyone saying “omg I love this!” It’s just gross! Lol

  12. Not so much WTF as come again? 🙂

  13. A bubble gone wrong!

  14. Gal with a Camera

    Oh mah goodness…………….. that is… umm… interesting. To put it nicely.

    But to put it not-nicely? This is crape.

  15. Gal with a Camera

    ***CRAP, not crape… dumb typos.***

  16. Is that really the image they want in an online portfolio showing their best work? Yikes! That is just wrong on so many levels.

  17. What the hell is happening to this world?

  18. But it’s f’n artsy, ya’ll!

  19. This is what you get when you have your phone set up to automtically upload every picture you take with your camphone. But the chance of using that an a viable excuse went out of the window when the watermark was carefully pasted in….

  20. Quick, dangle a slobbery, chewed-up piece of gum off your bottom lip so I can take the photo that will make me famous.

  21. WTF

  22. Oh dear… chewed up gum COULD be considered as art… but in this case, it’s just plain gross.

  23. Hmmm… blur, almost duck lips, unattractive subject…

    Let me guess – novice photographer attempting to be “pro” who has no clue regarding composition, etc., trying to “make their mark” by trying novel concepts and subjects (without ever learning the basics first)?

  24. Maybe they are duck lips, but I think they’re a little too pursed…

  25. Why the hell would you watermark this?

  26. Perhaps the fauxtog should have superimposed a sonogram picture of the woman’s unborn child onto the gum. That would have made it art!

  27. Thank God that shit is watermarked…we wouldn’t want anyone stealing that!

  28. I glanced at the “latest”. “Ewww”? I don’t remember that… [click] Ye gods! Now I remember! I must have actually repressed all recollection of that monstrosity. And now I’ll have to repress it all over again…

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