Shhh… Don’t tell anyone we squished our shiny-faced baby into this tiny basket!

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  1. shhh… don’t tell anyone i put my baby in a basket full of dead rats and call myself a photographer… shhh.. if i leave it out of focus, no one will know…

  2. shhh . .. . don’t try to put the baby in focus. you might wake him up.

  3. Shhh… it.

  4. Love the logo attempt across – like anybody is going to steal this ill posed, ill executed, ill lit, ill everythinged piece of crap.

    • Even if someone actually wanted to steal this crap, it’s not hard to remove stuff like logo’s and watermarks.

  5. BurninBiomass

    Baby : “Oh, you are really squeezing my guts in this box. Now I have to… here, pull my finger.”

  6. Awww… come on folks! This is a beginning photographer – it’s not like they could afford the larger basket or anything… (that’s sarcasm)…

  7. Shhh…there’s an out of focus baby sleeping!!!!

  8. If you squint your eyes, the baby’s finger looks like it could be ‘his’…..doodle??? he he…cute baby though…pity.

  9. it looks like the water mark is coming out of the baby’s butt….

  10. Jessica L

    I guess it must look really different on everyone else’s screen, because I’m not seeing what everyone else is. The baby looks in focus to me and on my screen, the photo is adorable!

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