Head Squish

“Honey, you’re not strong enough let me help!”

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  1. Zauberer

    don’t kill the poor baby! kill the phtographer!!!

  2. mynameisRachel

    This is not how CPR works…

  3. I get what they were trying to do, just bad execution… No pun intended.

  4. Besides the obvious bad pose, how about ironing your white sheet backdrop?

    • Saphron

      Yeah, I don’t get why so many people resort to sheets for backdrops…the paper rolls aren’t expensive…

  5. There are so many things wrong about this picture, but one I’ll point out is that the the baby looks completely annoyed. That should have been the photographer’s first clue that this was a bad idea.

  6. I guess this is one of those “natural light” fauxtogs who decided to try their hand at studio fauxtography. Success!

    • Um, I am a “natural light” photographer and I have my own studio where I shoot natural and traditional and NONE of my pictures have EVER looked like this…

      • Nicole.

        To be fair they said fauxtographer, not photographer.

  7. At least her nails look cute!

  8. Roflmao!! This picture is awesome!! Oh my goodness, people are funny

  9. I love th wrinkled old bed sheet

  10. The concept here is horrible and almost sinister. This is one of the first images I have seen that has actually made feel uncomfortable – and where the photographer hasn’t intended this. There is so many things wrong with this image, but the concept is by far the worst.

  11. wrist tattoo – anyone surprised?

    • Heather

      Why drag tattoo’s into this. I have several tattoos.. including a wrist tattoo and I don’t take garbage pictures like this. I also photograph a lot of tattooed people and they don’t ask for crap like this either. The fact of the matter is the fauxtographer should have seen how horrible this whole concept was and scrapped it.

  12. CPR-You’re doing it wrong.

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