Bad Body Disposal

What a horrible spot to hide a body! You can see it from both inside and outside the house!! Worst hitman ever…

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  1. Vitaliy

    At first, I was at least surprised to not see the “_____ Photography” watermark, but then I noticed the album name.

  2. The ice trucker strikes again!

  3. The Ice Truck killer strikes again!

  4. And what the heck happened to her legs?

  5. Mondolar

    That could be nice 2 shot burst image. (sorry my bad english)

  6. Finally! The shitty hipster photos have made it to this site!

  7. Yep, awful photo.
    Also, I think 99% of all those annoying ‘levitation’ photos and pensive self portraits people are doing these days should be on this site. Cannot stand those types of images.

  8. I don’t even understand what the fauxtographer was trying to achieve with the shot. Her arm looks like her other leg so it’s almost like you’re looking between her legs….

    Remarkably poor shot.

  9. Trying to work this one out. Still not there yet.

  10. That caption literally made me bust out laughing.

  11. Samantha is very shy about announcing her pregnancy.

  12. BurninBiomass

    I think its a great idea to use the dead to stop drafts under windows! Recycle and reuse!

  13. My mother would just *die* at how wrinkled those curtains are.

  14. Maybe a test shot slipped out? I mean no one would seriously publish that shot as anything other than just kidding around. Right? I mean c’mon…right?

  15. Wsroadrunner

    Someone needs better friends… good friends know where and how to hide a body

  16. The “Home Studio Start-Up Kit” was translated from Japanese into English by an elderly Italian gentleman who misunderstood the phrase “…place subject here…”

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