Oops There’s Something On Your Face

Very interesting accent… Probably a nice picture somewhere under all that white stuff…

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  1. Theboo


  2. Annoyed

    What studio was this? Bukake Images, LLC?

  3. raining candle wax?

  4. Zauberer

    Relax, Don’t Do it!
    i’m coming… i’m coming!!!!

  5. lol. I love how hovering over the picture I get the alt tag of “Facial”. xD

  6. My mind went completely to the gutter…can you say “Money shot!”

  7. Stephanie

    You mean raining semen

  8. Zauberer

    Semen is the new makeup

  9. Zauberer

    Can we see the “making of” ? 😛

  10. Candlewax fetishist perhaps. Either way, ew.

  11. claymonster

    Pretty sure it was an ad for a hot glue gun. Crafty.

  12. not bad minus the candle wax

  13. dont.care

    They must’ve used peter north for that foreground material

  14. What’s wrong with this? The co cept is good, execution is good. Just because you don’t like the idea doesn’t mean its bad.. or maybe I watch too much porn

    • What’s wrong is that NO-ONE could look at this and not mistake what the theme of the photo was supposed to be.

  15. thought it was supposed to be a necklace…

  16. Something about Mary? Hair mouse anyone?

  17. He missed….

  18. Judging by the shadows, it looks like he completely missed.

  19. In any other color, the splatters would be okay. But in white, assumptions could be made…ones that are not appropriate.

  20. This probably would have gone from train wreck to “okay” if only just a different color candle wax was used . . .

  21. The underlying photo is nice, I think, and I like how the eye shadow was done. As for the rest of it – to each his/her own, I guess. Not something I’d show in my portfolio but I guess it depends on what your market is.

  22. Brazzers.

  23. michael

    This was an idea done (better) for a fashion shoot. Search for “Philippe Kerlo Beauty Shots”

    • Good spot! It’s a reasonable attempt at a Philippe Kerlow. Kerlow’s pearlescent wax is somewhat less ambiguous than this I’d say!!

  24. Looks like we all kinda thought the same thing. Sadly though, makeup and lighting aren’t bad but are ruined by the John Holmes PS filter.

  25. BurninBiomass

    BWAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAH!!!!!! No! Just… no. Hahahahahahahahah!!! OMG, thank you for this laugh!

  26. Lalalalaaaaa

    Gross! Looks like court evidence photos in the Jodi Arias murder case.

  27. its a shame really, the underneath photo is ok, why on earth is it covered in candle wax

  28. Sorry, didn’t mean to get it it your eye.

  29. I think someone took this photo and doctored it for fun…

  30. actually the person that took this photo is a brilliant photographer….Just because you don’t agree with the execution doesn’t make it a bad photo!!!!

    • Sorry but I don’t see a *brilliant* photo here. It’s OK (for once) in terms of lighting and execution, but it’s really more the makeup artist’s work that shines more than anything else. And the John Holmes filter imho totally ruins this photog’s supposed brilliance.

    • I would agree that the original artist who crafted this idea, Phillipe Kerlo, is a brilliant photographer, and his shots are brilliant. This however is little more than a cheap knock-off. The guy with the camera has skill for sure, in that he or she could get so close to imitating Kerlo, but their plexiglass treatment completely missed the mark. Kerlo’s work is purposeful from start to finish. The paint on his plexiglass is colored to add to the quality of the photo, drawing subtle color from the subject. This looks like they just dripped some plain white…um, candlewax, onto the glass and called it good enough. No coloring, no accent, just some splatters that are almost engineered to throw your mind into the gutter. Part of me wants to think this was an intentional parody of Kerlo’s work, but I doubt it.

      To me, photos like this upset me more than all the poorly lit point and shoot photos with crappy backdrops and selective coloring, because it’s obvious the guy with the camera has the skill to do better if he would only apply himself. Just a little bit further, and this would have been something. Sure, it was a stolen technique, but great artists steal all the time. But this guy got so close, and then stopped short. It’s like he ran the entire marathon like a champ, and in the last two blocks he gave up and just walked the rest of the way. A hair more effort and this could have been something. Oh well. Maybe next time.

      • Heather

        I don’t know if anyone actually went and found the Phillipe Kerlo picture or not but I did. If you flip the plexyglass the other way on this picture it is pretty much exactly the same as the Phillipe Kerlo shot.. not to mention the make up is exactly the same also. I would agree that Kerlo’s shot is much better and the coloring of the wax actually does accent the picture instead of take away from it. It’s one thing to emulate a great artist.. it’s another thing to outright take their idea and butcher it.

  31. Just to clarify. I agree Kerlo is brilliant, but not this piece of crap which is just straight up plagiarism and badly done at that.

  32. oh my god.

    well, I guess the person on this side of that glass really liked the composition. a little too much…

  33. I think this was totally intended to look like spooge.

    And it’s awesome.

  34. Malacoda

    I need a cigarette.

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