Prego Spaghetti Sauce… Because how else are you going to tell your friends and family that you’re having a child?

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  1. Geekcr

    Aw come on, really? That’s what the faux came up with? I don’t know whether to laugh, or laugh…

    If they’re gonna go explore that concept line, they should have done an amateur 15 second clip on xvideos or something… would have made some nice money on the side too to pay the fauxtographer’s bill!

  2. Holy crapcakes. I vowed long ago never to cease being amazed at what these fauxs can come up with. Gone are the days when you can just take a technically great shot. No, these people think they have to come up with a “cool, sick, nifty, wicked….” idea and that will set them apart from the rest and put them in high demand. Well, faux, you do sit apart from the rest but no, not in a good way whatsoever. Unless of course you did this as a gag shot but something tells me you didn’t. So…bloody…lame. Oh, and crappy shot too. Who woulda thunk?

  3. Jennifer

    I’ve seen a number of “Prego” announcements, but most are just cute home photos. From a “professional” this is terrible.

    And, really, keep your clothes on in pregnancy announcements. No one needs to know how you go that way.

    This is such an unflattering photo, I cannot imagine anyone sharing it, much less paying for it. (Or using it in a photographer’s portfolio!)

  4. To me it just looks like they are about to get freaky with some spaghetti sauce.

  5. A funny pun, not worthy of a photo

  6. Patricia

    Prego in Italian means Your Welcome. So we are eating Your Welcome Sauce and this couple is saying We’re Your Welcome. Stupid!

  7. 1. Put some clothes on.
    2. Put down the sauce.
    3. Stop trying to think of “unique” ways to announce pregnancies, nobody cares as much as you do.

  8. panoman

    “Prego…It’s in there!” Get it?
    Now picture me barfing…

  9. Yoda is real

    It’s actually kinda funny in an sarcastic/joke way. Of course I would not pay someone for this, anyone can take this with their 2005 era cell phone.

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