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  1. Ok, I’ve dealt with camera shy kids and adults before but this is ridiculous. Kidding aside, we can only speculate at to why this pic was taken (rather poorly) and why it’s showcased by the “photographer”. Maybe it’s Billy’s birthday and time for the locks to finally go so we need to memorialize them. Again, who knows? One thing I do know is that something that the photographer doesn’t, and that’s every pic tells a story whether it’s short or a tome. This pic would seem to say, “try again”.

  2. Fueledbypotatoandsarcasm

    This looks like the cover of a book about childhood abuse.

  3. My thought is that he is urinating into a bouquet of balloons.

  4. Even he knows he is being shot by a fauxtog.

  5. Brian

    This kid is about to drop a f*cking real album.

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