Santa’s Sack

santas sack

Look what Santa’s bringing you for Christmas this year! I wonder what else he has in that sack?

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  1. Wow. All those elements merged into a festive photo and still it doesn’t improve on the original poorly lit little girl. Anyway, I’m getting a little dizzy from all the various elements in this shot (talk about overload) and I also have to wonder “a kid in the sack?”, what was the faux thinking? Shouldn’t he be bringing presents to the kid rather than the kid to ….what? I guess I don’t get kid shots that’s why I stick to weddings.

  2. A visit to Madonna’s house perhaps?

  3. Wow, that’s a pretty cheezy composition.

  4. That is one enormous baby.

  5. All of this fauxtogs photos are so busy that it distracts from the subjects. Her pictures use up more than their allotted thousand words.

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