Blurry Christmas Baby


Unless the Fauxtog is in fact blind, we’re not sure why this image was both posted and watermarked!

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  1. I hate Fauxtography

    HahaHA! I set for a good minute and a half waiting for it to load

  2. Because… bokeh!!!!!!!!!!!!! lol

  3. I’m assuming the watermark was in focus, which would have made for quite a contrast.

  4. bananaslugs

    Maybe he/she accidentally posted it? Computer glitch? I REALLLY hope this wasn’t intentional. How does the rest of his/her work look?

  5. Really? What is this, “Christmas through the eyes of a drunk”? I think bananaslugs is onto something with this being an accidental post BUT…it is watermarked.

    • bananaslugs

      You can set up Lightroom to automatically watermark your photos when you export them though. I’m hoping that this individual simply did that and just forgot to remove this photo from the batch before exporting with the watermark. because seriously, this photo is bad even by fauxtog standards. If it’s not a mistake or glitch then wow, what is this world coming to? Or maybe this photo is an outtake or part of a “What not to do” blog post? Or maybe I’m just trying too hard…

  6. Sadly, this was probably not a mistake- this person does terrible work and charges a lot! I found her on fb on a wedding resale page. Her work is cringe-worthy, really!

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