Santa’s Bored

“Ho Ho… Whatever just take the damn picture already…”

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  1. thats just BAD

  2. Oh my gosh… LOL

  3. Did someone overlook the usage of green screens? Maybe they thought it would extract Santa’s face.

    • But it’s gotta’ look good because green is such a Christmas-y color! Right?

  4. The clash of green and red hurts my eyes.

  5. Well, Christmas at our local Wal-Mart was almost as interesting.. Santa had no beard, had on white high top starter tennis shoes and his name was Billy.. Said so on his Wal-Mart name tag.. Had a Christmas tree shower curtain hanging from a mountain high stack of 24 pack cases of beer and quite frankly the cheapest camera I believe I have ever saw in my life.. Billion dollar company, and that is the best they can do.. 🙂 But, this is the South 😀

    • Who the heck goes to WalMart for their Santa photos?! You’re making me feel old and I’m still in my 20’s!

      • um… i hate to break it to ya, but i don’t think that was santa.

    • Was this at a Picture Me? Cos you know CPI Corp is on the brink of bankruptcy

      • No, it was a walmart employee I think maybe old enough to be expecting santa himself

      • EvilDaystar

        Oh god! Just went to the PictureMe website … 39 portraits for 10$ … thanks for killing portrait photography as an industry.

        Then again, the wife dragged me to Wallmart for portraits once … never again. Horrible customer service, a “studio” the size of a walk in closet, no guidance on posing on the part of the photographer, randomly applied filters (might as well use instagram on random … does instagram have a random feature?).

      • Hahaha.. Those aren’t photographers.. Those people haven’t a clue about what they are doing “PictureMe” and the one at Kmart and sears etc

  6. Ho Drakon

    Fauxtog: dafuqs a chroma?

  7. Is that an attempt at putting up a green screen or a leprechaun friendly backdrop? What the heck?

    • EvilDaystar

      Santa is WAY too close to the green screen for this to be a chroma key shot … I think someone decided to use it as an actual backdrop.

      • Maybe they wanted Santa to have the Grinch fringe halo!

      • But hey, they could always use color section get all the green, crop the green screen (and santa too) and put one in that looks good. I think I’m almost tempted to try.

  8. Hanimex Omelette

    “The Green Screen’s showing my workshop at the North Pole, right? No? Well, wake me when you’ve got that going.”

  9. bright green wrinkled back-drops….my favorite……

  10. Wow. I actually remember way back seeing the Santa photo booth in Sears or Kmart. The finished products were NEVER as bad as this. Sure it was basically a portrait mill like your class photos in school. You’d sit in Santa’s lap or (if you were like my family and traveled in herds) gather round either side of him, look toward the photographer’s hand or whatever random toy/object the photographer was holding, grin, *SNAP SNAP SNAP* and it was done. About a week later you’d get two or three pages of various sized copies of the best of half a dozen shots.And if nobody had their eyes shut, tongue out or middle finger protruding, you were even happier.

  11. It sincerely looks like the little diamond of Santa’s face has been shopped on, or the beard shopped around it.

  12. I feel very sorry for the bored Santa. I somehow suspect someone’s much older brother was dumped into this as part of a “cool family portrait” and that he is possibly related to the person who took the picture. I notice that most who are of questionable knowledge have clientele that are mostly 1st degree relations or long-time friends.

  13. well Santa is drowning in his beard and not so sure I’m digging the crushed red velvet the baby is laying on….kinda cheesy?

  14. I love how the Xmas tree is leaning outward. It looks like it’s trying to sneak away from this train wreck of a photo shoot!

  15. Um…. Did anyone else notice Santa has four eyes and a terrifying photoshopped grin?

  16. Trying to work out why the photographers opted for a green screen…

  17. Really captures the joy and excitement of christmas – not.

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