What The Crap?

What…!? Why…!? Eww…

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  1. Orange Jews

    Nice ghetto booty….

  2. Someone get a kitty litter box underneath her quick!

  3. GallopinGourmet

    Please tell me there is some reasonable context for this? There must be … something … reasonable …

  4. Is there someone or something in the reflection on her left butt cheek?

  5. Her feet are probably stuck to the floor, limiting posing options…

  6. LMFAO!!!!!

  7. Anyone else notice the floating head from a bad photoshop job and out of proportion(not to mention the awesome “matching light”) Just wrong on so many levels!

  8. LOL I haven’t laughed this hard in awhile….thanks! haha

  9. Kimberly

    Is that a blond woman on her left butt cheek? Her butt was so shiny it got the assistance reflection in it. How special is that? A two-fer.

  10. can’t comment, nothing nice to say and all that……..but I will try…I have to compose myself first, the laughing is killing me.

    Nope……still nothing nice to say…..carry on dying!

  11. OctoberMoon

    Is…is she poopin’?

  12. Did she poop then roll it,W.T.F.!!!!!

  13. da Google says this is from WHOOTY GIRLS! on myspace in 2009. The crossed out bit doesn’t seem to be a watermark per say.

    And yeah, that head replacement is bad. Maybe they work for a cheap fashion mag?

  14. it’s a poop doing a poop

  15. TollToll

    what the poop am I looking at

  16. Makes me want to start youarenotabodypainter.com!

  17. I think she missed.

  18. ithurtshwhenipee

    What the hell is that laying on the floor in front of her?

  19. Why would you publish this image?! It looks like a shooped head on someone else’s body. But it might not be.

    This is honestly really freaky. It could’ve been an amazing art shot on so many levels, but it isn’t. How can you blow such a great opportunity?

    It really is a good potential shoot… but this just isn’t there. Hopefully, the photographer got some actual good shots.

  20. is that poo or her nut hanging between the cheeks? amazing that the fauxtog didn’t even realize (or didn’t care) that not only the softbox reflections are clear and visible but so is the fauxtog’s reflection. And I’m not sure this model could look more thrilled with her photo session. I’ve seen well executed, well shot, well posed, well directed body paint images but this is so far from …well, anything worth publishing or putting a logo on!

  21. BurninBiomass

    Looks like someone painted her body black, then a few pigeons crapped on her.

  22. Tee hee … her boob is dripping.

  23. ok, maybe could be a cool concept…A for effort there. BUT…horrible, HORRIBLE execution.

  24. Hanimex Omelette

    So, maybe swimming the length of the Duwamish River wasn’t such a good idea.

  25. Artie Fufkin

    crap pay per diem !

  26. I have not follow you guys for a while, but all I can think about this shot is it must not be real. I’m not implying that you’re lying, but my gosh this is just illegal in terms of taste and execution.

  27. Call me crazy, but it looks like the fauxtog has put a white woman’s face on a black woman’s body and natural ‘locs’ hairstyle. Which brings up all sorts of unfortunate (and potentially racist) implications.

  28. Jules Merderié

    Es posible que esta foto sea una basura pero reconozco que al verla he sentido la necesidad de levantarme del sofá e ir al baño a zurrar a la sardina durante aproximadamente 3 minutos. Es uno de los tranas mas sugerentes que he visto en los últimos 10 minutos.

  29. Wow, I never realized Gumby Scat Porn was a thing…

  30. Seems like a fetish liquid latex shoot gone horribly wrong. Iis it just me or is her butt completely photoshopped? Her one ass cheek is unreasonably large compared to the other.

  31. WTF!

  32. I’m all for creative images, but this one has been poorly executed. I like the concept of paint and the human body, but in this case the posing has not been thought about. Unfortunately the protruding butt is the first thing your eye goes to….

  33. pyrozyro

    Chocolate Rain

  34. Turbo Bill

    Is this what happens when POOP hits the fan?

  35. This is getting sad...

    Well, I don’t wanna get paint on my toilet, so I’ll just sh*t right here.

  36. armus360

    I don’t know what’s that shit all over her body but I still would…

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