Dreadlock Disaster

This does not look cool.

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  1. How unattractive does a person have to be to make this the better option?

  2. Her ‘eyes’ make me think of The Walking Dead. The editing, the pose, oh my. Oh myyyy…..

  3. A photographer

    That negative might end up being a great print.

  4. monolith

    The photographer was almost successful in one aspect: a couple more terrible Photoshop filters and you could almost forget the olfactory gutpunch of dreadlocks. Wait, see — not nearly enough filters. I was hit with the groin shot which brought me back full-circle to smelly dreadlocks. *heave*

    • These are almost definitely artificial dreads, which are made of plastic hair. Wearers take them out regularly to wash both the dreads and the natural hair; in some cases, they’re not even attached to the head at all, but are worn attached to a headband or clipped onto a ponytail. Furthermore, not all dreads – even real ones – “smell”.

      I believe the comments here are supposed to be directed at the photography, not the model.

  5. There are too any things to pick out of this one… Like the way the image repeats and fades out in the upper left corner.

    • Good catch. I wouldn’t even have noticed that awesomeness had you not pointed it out. Will definitely have to try this in my next portrait.

    • EvilDaystar

      HEY! At least he seems to have heard in vague terms of the rule of odds. 🙂

  6. It looks as if she or he has a big ball sack, not to mention the funky leverage WTF????

    • *Cleavage* not sure why it ended up leverage must be the alcohol I had to consume to look at this!

  7. What in Sam Hill is this

  8. I just noticed her image is also on the sheet. That scared me a little bit.

  9. ithurtshwhenipee

    I like how the watermark is as close the subject as possible to discourage cropping it out. Proves that this fauxtog is genuinely concerned that someone might try to pass this off as their own.

  10. CraigMyran

    Please quit! My eyes…they are damaged! Or for crying out loud!!!!

  11. What exactly is in those panties?!??

  12. Looks like somebody found the “emboss” option in Photoshop. lol

  13. wow. so sexy.

  14. The wrinkled backdrop is the best part of this photo.

  15. Hanimex Omelette

    The Dreaded Solar Flare.

  16. 99% of photoshops default filter effects are useless on their own. I am guessing this photographer is like a child with a new toy and trying everything out.

  17. What happens if i use ALL the filters at once???
    Oh this, won’t do that then…

  18. Friends don’t let friends use Photoshop while on magic mushrooms!

  19. Thomas W.

    Can anyone tell what is happening with her crotch? It looks like she is wearing a thong with a softball in it.

  20. I scrolled to this entry and literally said aloud, “What da fu…?” Photoshop 101 – apply random filters to a random photo to see what they do. Then (and tog missed this): DISCARD.

  21. Is this a birthing picture??

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