Boudoir Burn

Unless these were taken for someone with a sunburn fetish (which we’re not even sure exists) this is just awful!… Scratch that, even if you’re into sunburns this is obviously still horrible!

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  1. it’s ok, the fauxtog will just airbrush that out later

  2. pretty bad when im not even sure what to say about this

  3. OMG! WHY would anyone think this was a good idea.

  4. Maybe she got the burn from the carpet she’s laying on!

  5. monolith

    At least they know how to work the props correctly. For instance, the dollar-store shower curtain background really detracts from the adam’s apple, and the dull, rental-quality carpet highlights the shiny, garbage bag mall corset! Are we certain the sunburn is not actually spot color applied? Because the deep rose hues lead the eye toward the wayward, squiggly thigh divide. Genius?

    • EvilDaystar

      The redness could also be a rash from the previous outfit … this could have been the models/clients second look. 🙂

  6. just looking at this photo…is like getting a sunburn.

  7. This is allllll kinds of bad. On so many levels.

  8. ithurtshwhenipee

    That is one of the oddest pictures I have seen. If you invert the picture you can see by the facial structure that it is a woman. And a pretty one at that. But that is a dudes body with a feminine sunburn pattern. Weird.

    • AbsyntheGreene

      I think if we were looking at her at any normal angle her body would look fine, but between the pose, and angle, and the definition of the shoulder caused by the frame of the sunburn, they look very wide and her cleavage looks very…. smooshed.

  9. I love it! The way her glasses are about to fall off her face really gives some tension to the photograph. Also the whispy bangs on her forward really sparks my imagination! That’s not even mentioning the interesting use of a garbage bag!

  10. EvilDaystar

    “unless these were taken for someone with a sunburn fetish (which we’re not even sure exists)”
    Rule 34 … if you thought about it, it’s on the internet … I was curious and checked … it IS a thing.

    The sunburn is just one of the many issues with this picture.

  11. It looks like its a man! A Handless, one footed man.

  12. Is this meant to be sexy? Because it isn’t, on any level. And i just look at that sunburn and feel sorry for the poor girl -she looks sore! And why chop her hands off. And from that angle her breasts look non-existent………..

  13. Ho Drakon

    He is a woman, i’m a koala and you are a paradox from the future. The world is upside down in this one. Leather, glasses and burnt skin, the culmination of psychopathy.

  14. I feel hurt just looking at this…..but no worries mate, the fauxtog has already proven their skillz…they might be as good at editing as they are are at taking pictures. They can edit it later….after it get ripped to shreds by bad reviews in the internet…..

  15. Wow. Just wow.

  16. Hanimex Omelette

    At least she had her clothes on when she passed out at Talladega.

  17. Egads! I’m just looking and trying to make sense of the anatomy in this photo. And I’m NOT talking about any gender-ambiguity some of you are suggesting either. Maybe it’s the foreshortening, but it’s like her chest becomes her hips and doesn’t even think about being an abdominal region anywhere along the way. It’s a horrendous pose and camera angle. Her shoulders look broader than they ought, her nose appears larger than it ought, and it doesn’t do anything flattering for her thighs either. I really really hope she didn’t pay too much for this…and I won’t even comment on the outfit nor the backdrop and…um…floordrop?

  18. Oh, this made me laugh! Something about the farmer-tan/bad-boudiour combo….

  19. you know, some things are actually okay to even out with photoshop. nasty, peeling sunburns being one of those things.

  20. O! the midwest!

  21. Well this is awkward knowing the person in the pic…

  22. Her gravity defying bangs are bothering me the most, but everything about it is bad.

  23. Doctor Spence

    I think the sunburn is a decoy to avoid noticing that she is a he.

  24. loltroll

    If you want more laughs, look up her fan page Miss Little Toxic. It gets worse!

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