Red Shorts

At least the guy in the red shorts seems to have posed for the photo as well!

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  1. THe comments are funny.. “Thank God for Photoshop”… Do they not realize that this is the ‘FINISHED’ product from the fauxtog?? See the watermark in the corner? That means they are finished correcting this photo… Uuugh..

  2. Chantal

    Hummm lovely!

  3. Aubrey

    Nice pic of the couple. Not so much with the people in the background. This “photographer” seriously needs to LOOK at their photos before posting them.

  4. Steve

    And what’s with the Batman villain angle? Tilting the camera distracts from the subject in this case. As do the onlookers. And maybe bring a little blue back into the sky in post? Oy.

  5. Lauren

    If the photographer had taken a step to the right, turned the camera slightly to the left this could potentially have been a decent enough photo… at the very least without guys in Budgie Smugglers in the background.

  6. Kathy

    I understand that the guy in the red bathing suit is the show stealer but the angle of this photo is kinda making me a bit motion sick too.

  7. framingsnob

    At least Mr. Bannana-Hammock was completely in frame. Why cut off the very end of their legs?

  8. I agree, about the worst horizon line I’ve ever seen.

    • Ah sadly I have seen worst – just last week Disney weddings posted the wonkiest horizon ever – the ocean ran from corner to corner.
      But still, this is an equally stupid angle.

      • *worse
        my fingers got all confused with the wonkiness.

  9. dodie

    Cause that moment was begging to be captured…. !!!!

  10. Comcam

    It’s called a Dutch angle, and it was done on purpose. It wasn’t very motivated, but it’s fairly obvious that it was done knowingly.

  11. BurninBiomass

    I can’t tell for sure, and I do not want to zoom in…. but red shorts guy looks “happy” to be there.

    • Grimoire

      If so, he is very, very happy to be there. Much happier than I could ever be.

  12. The guy in the red shorts must be the groom’s backup for tonight.

  13. spike

    He’s the ring bearer. No pockets on those trunks. Wanna guess where he’s keeping the ring?

  14. Mrs B

    A saw a photo a PRO photographer took of some onlookers on a beach wedding and it was absolutely brilliant but it was done deliberately.
    The Angle of this shot sucks, could have been nice.

  15. Um…yeah. Dutch angle is not appropriate for this kind of shot. And the lazy ass fauxtog could have stepped three steps to the right and gotten all of those onlookers out of the shot. How hard is it for these idiots to frame a photo properly?

  16. That’s unfortunate that his photo of guys at the beach got ruined by this stupid wedding couple.

  17. Henny

    besides the other peeps in the shot. i don’t like the angle the photo was taken. the bouquet blends in with the edge of the sea too much. and why the hell are they lopsided?

  18. spike

    The groom is posed oddly..assuming the photog was actually asking the bride and groom to pose a particular way. It looks like just a random moment in between shots..or maybe he’s getting ready to give his new bride her Christmas goose early?

  19. This is not a good enough photo of the bride and groom…awkward posing, boquet right between them, horrible profile angle for the bride…to bother shopping out red shorts.

  20. I’ve seen pictures where there is a deliberate angle but those are obviously done. This one seems more like the photographer wasn’t paying attention.

  21. Rachel

    This isn’t one of the pictures on youarenotaphotog that I hate the most. In fact, even though it’s not a “good” picture, it’s hilarious. I would want a copy of this if that were my wedding day just to laugh at. But I just like ridiculous stuff.

  22. Even if Mr Bean wasn’t in the background, this photo would suck.

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