Bridal BM

When ya gotta go ya gotta go, even on the big day… Where were her bridesmaids I wonder? They should at least be holding her dress up for her. Why the fauxtog would feel the need to capture and share this moment is beyond me.

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  1. Brant

    Boy, what a face of relief… She must have been holding it for a while! Glad the fauxtog could be there to capture that magic moment.

  2. Melissa

    Poor bride….

  3. tasha

    That is just WRONG on so many levels…….

  4. mary dawes


  5. Christina

    Wha….?? I don’t usually comment, but this is… I don’t even… why? And, the black and white does NOT make it more artistic. I don’t get it.

  6. Oh, and I thought she fell into a river in the process. How awful. And what an ill fitting dress.

    • FalconGTHO

      Theres only so much you can do after a certain size and with a limited budget.

      • becca

        Totally untrue–i’ve seen plenty of plus sized brides with a limited budget who had amazing dresses. She should have fired her fauxtog and hired a seamstress!

  7. FalconGTHO

    Why wouldnt the person paying for these DEMAND “Delete that NOW”. Again, as I say, “customer requests”. She probably thought it was funny. “Living in a trailer park…”

  8. JRenee

    Ooooohh NOT okay!

  9. Aaron

    WOW totally horrid moment… i think a random wedding pic of a girl/guy being too drunk is a better photo to publish than this.. not saying im perfect but im pretty sure the person here got the wrong idea of what special moments of a wedding are..

  10. I’ve seen some bridal shots which were actually funny and charming in a weird sort of way. This one is not only wrong, but I’m pretty sure the fauxtog captured a crime in progress.

  11. Excuse me. I’ve seen some bridal potty shots … blah, blah, blah …

  12. Now if that were my photo, I’d hang it for all to see! I’d even send them out for my Thank you cards! So beautiful, just breathtaking!

  13. Oh my god. That poor woman…

    • Don’t feel too sorry for her. She hired the moron that did this.

  14. Virginia

    Devil’s advocate…she is doing a “wreck the dress” session and she is reacting to the cold water of the river/stream/lake?

    • I believe you are correct, doesn’t change the fact that this shot is terrible in execution and should have been deleted immediately for no other reason than the horribly unflattering “pose” of the Bride.

    • spike

      I was thinking the exact same thing. It would explain the pose, the apparent laughter, and why the dress seems to fit a bit awkwardly.

  15. Kimberly Kee

    I don’t care what she’s doing — the photo is AWFUL!!! Just AWFUL!!!

  16. Veronica

    What expression is this supposed to be?

  17. Why are they doing this to themselves? I mean both the bride and the photographer.

  18. Aubrey

    If I were the bride and have a sense of humor, I would say “DO NOT POST THIS” I want to keep this in my private stash to remember what I was feeling and laugh with my hubby. The job of a photographer is to make the subject look good. This pic, no matter what the bride is doing is just horrible.

  19. Jim Crack

    Yup, pretty sure it’s supposed to be a ‘Trash The Dress’ in a cold river. I personally find TTD a little pointless, and I rarely see it executed well. This is just incredible though… What was the photographer thinking when s(he) decided not only to keep the image but to then put it on their site? It really does look like she is…what shall we say?…..passing a motion! TTD? Yes, I’m pretty sure faeces will trash a dress :P. Anyone know a good drycleaner?

  20. katie

    Reminds me of that scene from “Bridesmaids” where they all get food poisoning while trying on dresses and the one girl can’t make it to the bathroom and *goes* in the middle of the street.

  21. OMFW!!!

  22. Henny

    i’m confused.

    maybe she just stepped out of the lake/stream behind her and the water was really, really cold???

  23. I feel extremely sorry for the bride in this shot. Posting this in your portfolio is almost defamation of character.

  24. Capt. Obvious

    Flowers die, food get’s eaten, and the venue is just another over priced hall, but the pictures will last for ever. It always confuses me why people try to save money by cutting the photography budget down. I will never feel sorry for the Bride or Groom for crappy images if they cheaped out and hired a fauxtog. Congratulations, you got what you paid for!

  25. LIPhotoguy

    The groom is under the dress.

    The water is not cold at all.

    That is her O face.

  26. Gal with a camera

    I think this is the same bride as the one that was holding the balls in walmart. (That pig’s on this site too)

    What a wedding that must have been!!!!!!!

    • Capt. Obvious

      It’s two different women. They look different and this one is missing the classy breast tattoo that the Walmart bride has.

    • Canaduck

      You know what’s awesome? Not calling random women “pigs”, no matter how godawful and tacky their photographs are.


  28. Giannis

    ok, i want to ask something.. there is technique in the shot. the colors are ok, did anyone ever thought that maybe this is not a marriage photo but it is from a project than some photographer try to capture. for example “awkward moments of our life”, or “brides there are not always beautiful” or “the happiest hour” or whatever…. all the comments are sarcastic but none really realize that the photo is ok, the subject is weird… but still it is photography and it is a kind of art.. Really makes my think how many really photographers are posting here :/ :/ sorry guys, but a good shot is always a good shot even when is capturing a soldier shooting a girl or a pig eating a human part, or in this case a bride in an awkward moment.

  29. Popples

    It’s the bride from the black lagoon and she has just spotted her groom!

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