Puttin’ On The Ritz

The best part of wearing crackers as eyeshadow? All she had to do is dunk her face in some tomato soup and lunch’s ready!

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  1. Ciao_Chao

    Perhaps someone needs to start up a blog called “You Are Not A Makeup Artist”

    • Maryah13

      Of your only problem is the caption about the makeup maybe you should look at the backdrop frame peeking out of the bottom right corner, the unflattering lighting and the awkward pose. Not to Mention, the photog does have a choice on what to shoot, if this girl propositioned me to take her photo looking like that I’d turn her down in a hot second, I’d either tell her to re-do her makeup or re-do it myself.

      And on a side note, Ive used gold leaf in shoots and it can look good, this is NOT one of those times.

      • Maryah13


      • Please… take your self righteous head, and go soak… Pay is pay, and work is work… all one has to do is not put your name on it if you’re worried about ruining your artistic integrity… You are not an artist .com Is another URL dumb dumb. I bet you’re an excellent sculpter, and mandolin player too.. Hahaha! Your profile pic says it all, you have bad taste

      • Grackle

        Okay, well, apparently we’ve found the fauxtographer… ^

  2. Anyone else think that those gold leaf eyebrows make her forehead look MASSIVE?
    Also, is she blowing us a kiss or holding her head up?

  3. No Watermark = Doesn’t Really Belong Here. Am I wrong? 😛

    • They can’t even edit out the backdrop stand, maybe they don’t know how to watermark?

    • I’ll take the editor’s word for it.

    • When in doubt use this handy checklist:

      no watermark? Check.
      no screenshot of the image in a facebook gallery/on a photography website? check
      no evidence of “artistic” post production? check
      no evidence of some attempt to use any kind of studio/pro equipment? Appears to be a backdrop, lightstand
      no evidence that the girl is trying to act like/look like a model via a posing style or wardrobe style? Maybe – but it could be an outtake.
      no evidence that this is actually coming from a fauxtogropher? It’s coming from someone who has equipment, we can’t know if this is a portfolio shot or an outtake though without some evidence.

  4. Now we need a “You’re not a Makeup Artist” site.

  5. FroggieG

    She also needs to be introduced to mustache wax. Or a razor. Ugh.

    • Yes, because if a woman doesn’t meet your beauty standards, then they shouldn’t be allowed to pose for photos.

  6. honestly I thought it was popcorn stuck on her eyebrows…

  7. I wouldn’t classify this as fauxtography in the sense that most of the crap posted here is. Great photo? Not really, but from a technical standpoint it’s not a train wreck. It’s just a poorly-executed idea, well the idea is just plain weird.

    • I think it’s technically bad, just for the fact that the side of the backdrop ends in the frame and nobody bothered to edit it out.

  8. The painful lesson in fauxtography…you really want people to trust you as a photographer. An image like this (presented to the public) really undermines photographers collectively and put a small bug in ones year to 2nd guess us all (in choices and tastes). If anyone questions why we’re so hard on fauxtographers, it’s because an image like this discounts the craft.

    • Maryah13

      Thank you! That’s what I was trying to say THEN got called self righeous

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