Patriotic Zombie

At least she’s a patriotic zombie…

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  1. Or she’s not Patriotic and is actually bashing America. This photo is not from the US. My first clue was the lorry—have you ever seen a tractor trailer look like that in the States? I haven’t, but that’s the front end they have in Europe. So, I looked closer–there’s an EU tag on that lorry. But I’m just nitpicking the caption. Perhaps the concept is to emphasize a death to America theme, in which case it comes across quite well. Aren’t you frightened of the woman with her ripped tee, weird pink fishnet stockings, platform shoes, and big blue truck?

    • I thought the same thing; this is actually quite humorous, and would be good if not for the selective color. It reminds me of a photo a friend of mine took that showed a person standing on a car holding up both middle fingers, while wearing nothing but a flag.

      • Wait wait wait.. did you just say THIS WOULD BE GOOD WITHOUT THE SELECTIVE COLORING?!??!?!?!

        Whaaaa??? No.

    • BurninBiomass

      You know, I don’t think she really is a zombie either!

    • It’s a German truck (there’s a letter D above the Euro symbol)

      Not that it matters, your nitpicking (your words) imply you can’t be American if you live outside America 😉

      • No where did I imply that this couldn’t be an American. I just said that it was clearly a non-US shot, as in not taken in the US, because we don’t have trucks like that here, that I’ve ever seen (and the German plate is also a giveaway). I know plenty of expats who love to bash America and take any opportunity to do so (which is usually the reason they’re expats).

  2. U-S-A! U-S-A! U-S-A!

  3. german license plate. the D on the blue part tells it all…

    anyhow, i am very embarrassed to live in the same country as she and the fauxtog. I want to apologize to everyone on the internet for them taking and editing crappy photos like this. oh and then publishing said photos

    we’re not all that bad, honestly.

  4. OMG, i know not all of you speak german, so let me translate what the Model said:

    “over 600 comments on my photos, 99.9% of them were positive.”

    this photo is actually in her portfolio.

  5. Biff Sweldon

    A Volvo? I thought it looked like she was run over by a MACK truck.

  6. Richyrich

    one things for sure …no matter what country they are from truckers love them some ugly chicks.

    • Issues I have with this photo: positioning the model’s thigh, so that the largest dimension is presented fully to the camera; the poor lighting that creates a grey effect while casting visible shadows on the truck, the framing, and that the fact that the picture itself is just boring.

      Issues I don’t have with this photo: the physical attractiveness of the model.

      Grow up.

    • She’s a little chunky, but she’s hardly hideous. Though the outfit and shoes aren’t particularly flattering.

  7. Ruining a good Optimus Prime photo

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