Put a Frame On It

If you put a tacky frame around it, that automatically makes anything professional.

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  1. They call that professional? I’ve taken better pictures with a disposable!

  2. And thanks to this frame, the top-right… thing looks like a spider web when you watch everything but it. Good job.

  3. One word – “DELETE”

  4. Why oh why would you purport this to be a professional shot???
    This one wouldn’t even make it online to a personal facebook album let alone as an ad for services – if this was taken with the proprietors camera then they may well be due a kit upgrade – there is no rescuing this one

  5. Oh. My. God. No.

  6. It’d be one thing if these fauxtographers weren’t so damn ubiquitous these days. We could troll them all out of existence. But… there.are.so.many….

  7. hahahahahaha I am FAR from a pro, but this looks like an accident!

    I have a bunch of the same pictures from family gatherings when I let my brother’s toddlers run around with my camera. Actually, some of theirs are better.

  8. Wsroadrunner


  9. I’ve lost all faith…

  10. what is the focus of this picture. This can’t be professional.

  11. You know how someone can accidentally butt-dial you on their cell? I think this could be the digital photo equivalent.

  12. No seriously?!?!?! WTF???

  13. nawww…come on guys, you’re all a bit harsh, this is called “art”. The blown out lighting, the spider webby thing in the corner, the strategic placement of the subjects….nah, think you’re right, this is shit.

  14. Did anyone else notice that it says upload via mobile?! So it’s apparently a cell phone pic! Wow!

  15. If you don’t like it then shoulda put a frame on it!

    But seriously after seeing some of the work on this site, I just don’t get surprised anymore. At least they all have their natural skin color, it could get so much worse.

  16. art_student13

    2 minutes on an HP kiosk at walmart…

    I work in the photo lab there and i can;t help but cringe when i see people put useless borders on bad pictures…When will people learn decorative borders make things look tacky and cheap

    It’s like the pictures i see from sorority houses…every single one looks the frikin same.

  17. Are all these pictures posted on fauxtogs actually purported to be “professional” Cause I can’t see anyone claiming this professional. I can see it just as someone taking pictures of their family events just for personal documentation. Where is this from? Someone’s blog? Their facebook? This looks more like a personal family moment than of something someone hired a photographer to preserve for posterity…..

    • It says ‘photography’ next to the name. that plus the crappy border means they’re passing it off as proff.

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