Purple Lightning Girl

The Purple Lightning Girl ghost is said to appear when fauxtogs head out to try to capture pictures of lightning! Intriguing!

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  1. Could have been better without the selective coloring of lips/eyes plus better masking of that grass beyond her. Tough I dont know who would want this as a shot of him/herself. Ah and the grain…

  2. Susan

    I had the sense the vegetation was part of the effect. I bet this was not intended as a portrait, but rather as a book cover or a poster. For that purpose, the selective coloring works. I wish focus had been sharper though.

  3. BurninBiomass

    It looks like she is trying to moon a rainstorm. Or should I say grainstorm.

  4. Trevor

    Ahhhh! Someone kill it! Quick!

  5. Wsroadrunner

    Anyone else think of the poor special effects in Ghostbusters when they saw this?

  6. That reminds me a lot of the things I used to do when I was 12! It was so cool… at the time.

  7. FalconGTHo

    “Firestarter” The Sequel.

  8. 10 bucks says the background is stolen via Google Images.

  9. Prevailing

    Wow-twilight? Umm I didn’t even see that movie, and I know this isn’t from twilight. It’s like a tellytubby threw up all over her.

  10. Natalie

    heee hee hee at the copyright notice on the fauxtog’s page….right, cuz there are so many people just dying to steal this one and claim it as their own

  11. Gal with a Camera

    This is one of the few pictures on this site that really, truly scares me. Seriously. This is creeeeeepy! Wish I hadn’t seen this right before bedtime… I’m gonna have nightmares tonight. XD

    Btw, they epicly failed at adding flying hair behind her head. You can tell that it’s obviously not her real hair… it looks more like there is a tree with waving branches behind her head!!

  12. Capt. Obvious

    Copyrighted!?! Oh man 🙁 I was going to get a 40×60 print of this one….

  13. I agree with Don, I bet the background isn’t even theirs.

    I have been trying this year to get some lightning shots and I have! It isn’t easy and it is dangerous (of course).

    The LAST thing I would do after going through all that trouble is to use it as a background for some crap like this.

    You don’t NEED to. Lightning, all by itself, is pretty damn cool. You are not going to make it “better” by adding shit to it.

  14. Almost interesting, but then I saw the selective color of the face 🙁

    This is, by far, NOT the worst photography/shooping on yanap, though.

  15. Strong with the Dark Side, she is.

  16. Reminds me of something….

    If I had a photograph of youuuuu….something to remind me….I wouldn’t spend my just wishing….

  17. Gelatin

    Good thing this photo is copyrighted or else it would have been stolen by photographers all over the world to pass off as their own work. NOT!!!… and 3 people liked it… my money says one of the likers is the fauxtographer him/herself. Shame.

  18. Be careful! She is either going to eat you; or spit on you!

  19. Karenda

    probably wouldve been better on the graphic designer site

  20. this young emo is just trying to seduce Edward – plus we might get a two-fer, she’ll be in the baby-bump section in a few months!

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