Faster Than The Speed Of Color

Yep, this car can drive faster than the speed of color! So awesome!

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  1. Frankie

    Why do these people feel the need to “TRY” and re invent the wheel…leave the photo alone, either color or b&w….it looks amazingly ridiculous ffs.

  2. it’s like the old matchbox cars you dipped in hot water and it would change color!

    • Onychomys

      Those things blew my mind when I first got one. Totally awesome technology.

  3. Nice 15 year old Grand Prix. Fail on every level.

  4. Prevailing

    Well at least this was done a year and a half ago. Hopefully they have learned from that horrible mistake.

  5. Wsroadrunner

    Burnin off da tires so fast it took the color right out of that shot! LOL I’m surprised it runs at all. LOL

  6. Oh man I had a Grand Prix GT that looked exactly like that. I loved that car.
    But this picture is dumb.

  7. James

    I would love to see the inside of some of these fauxtographer’s homes.

  8. FalconGTHO

    Lol. FINALLY something *I* can speak about since Im a serious automotive enthusiast, more than I am a photography enthusiast. This is just some stupid “Car for Sale” Craigslist pic. Crap location. Front yard? Blah. Of your trailer? Sun on the WRONG side. Crap crop, crap angle. Rule of thirds? Wtf is that? And just an ordinary, plain (and crappy) car. Driving? Im thinking its some rednecks and one of them said, “Here, hold my beer, watch this” as he attempts to recreate some “Jackass” inspired stunt. Posting this on here is a waste of bandwidth.

    • James

      Posting this on here is a waste of bandwidth? You are aware of the theme of this site aren’t you?

      • FalconGTHO

        Absolutely but this is not even worthy of this site. Its just a “Used car” pic that happened to have an effect applied to it. If there had been no effect it wouldnt have even been noticed.

      • Falcon, the reason this is on here is because a fauxtographer has this picture in his “professional portfolio.”

  9. All I can ask is WHY??? What part of this photo screams “professional photographer”? This is a bad snapshot with bad editing!! Also love the SUV/house /w satellite dish in full colour in the top left corner…. Nothing says awesome like some distracting crap in your picture!!

  10. Foil Gamma

    These day photo are so easy. With Auto presets, the picture as never been so taken!

  11. Ariel

    Sometimes I seriously think you guys are just screwing with people.

  12. Melissa R.

    I’ve decided that you, YANAP, have simply stumbled upon a whole bunch of people with the last name, “Photography.” Explains everything.

  13. Gal with a Camera

    I actually think the idea is kinda cool… just really bad excecution, and a bad photograph to start with. Lol!

  14. This photo is an excellent example of a noob learning how gradients work. This is, of course, perfectly fine as an experiment…but this does not belong in a portfolio. At all.

  15. WHOA! That’s like SOO cool I’m gonna go out and take a pic of my 8 year old Ford Focus Estate JUST LIKE THAT! :-p

  16. the other way around would have looked better… like into the future. this is into the past…

  17. NicCole

    This one made me laugh first and cringe second. Impressive; it’s usually the other way around.

  18. Um…even if this weren’t strangely colored, what’s the point of this? Is this car special or something?

  19. Faith S.

    OMG…I love the awesome gradient touch…said NO ONE EVER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  20. Oh dear god, that license plate is from my hometown. #embarrassedforthem

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