Pabst Blue Bachelorette

Excellent job fauxtog, that blue border really helped this photo! Well, helped to make it even more awful anyway.

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  1. You are not a speller!
    The border looks hideous too!

  2. this looks like a fun party! i want to be at this party!
    no….just kidding…i don’t.

  3. Wsroadrunner

    Well yee-haw… Cletus and his gurl is finally gettin hitched.

  4. Is she drinking Miller Light through a dick straw???
    I am in no way threatened by this photographer stealing my clientele if this is the case…

  5. Well… it’s very klassy. I bet there is velveeta dip served in the double wide.

  6. So they don’t know how to use flash (see cue), they know nothing about composition (see photo), know nothing about telling a compelling (and not entirely sad) story and it’s not even properly in focus. Why even bother with that stupid border.

    Where do you find these and how can I nominate people to be shown here?

  7. How do these f-ing stupid people get hired? It is so beyond bad, seriously, how do they find work?

  8. Helen Megginson

    This has just got to be plain & simple, point & shoot, picture takin’!

  9. Christy

    You guys are exactly why I will never slap “Photography” at the end of my name. LOL! I am content giggling at the idiots that have and remind myself I NEVER want to see one of my pictures here. 🙂

  10. cell phone photo?


      • i got some good ones of those. maybe i should go pro and put frames and watermarks all over them, saying “Henny pro cell phone photographE”.

  11. Please don’t tell me that the photographer charged money for this. The photo itself is hideous. The border is… I’m at a loss for words…

  12. NicCole

    This can’t be a pro shot. It just.. can’t…

  13. What is it with people just using random snapshots and calling it professional photography? This is just a random party shot with some guy’s hand and pool cue in the way. Seriously???? Ummmm…super nice border though……I love the way it chopped the bride to be’s head off. Nice touch.

  14. Looks like a Mardi Gras party more than a bachelorette party…and I would guess that the person with the camera has been into the keg as much as anyone else. I’m no Ansel Adams, but unless the snapshot somehow included a real space alien, reincarnated Elvis, or Bigfoot, I wouldn’t even bother to fix it by cropping. I’d probably just delete it via on-camera menu rather than bother moving it to my PC to fiddle with.

  15. She reminds me of John Edward’s “lady”…Raquel?

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