Not My Pictures

 Sigh. I have a feeling that these lifted photos are no where near the fauxtographer’s talent level.


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  1. Not only are they not a photographer, they are not smart – it’s called copyright infringement. duh.

    So – no one you’ve photographed gave you permission to share images? Not a single one? Must be really, really good images then… Not…

    Good thing you bring an assistant – nothing like two pervs in the house.

  2. How much you wanna bet he has never done boudoir shoot before? Maybe that’s why he doesn’t have any of his own images.


    the best commercial i have ever seen 😀

    • you obviously didn’t see the one that doesn’t own a camera and will use yours!

  4. Andrew Mills

    It’s really not that difficult to hire models and get them to sign a model release…

  5. Wsroadrunner

    Well hell, I guess this way he can get his perv on and get paid for it too, huh?


  6. Pete Romfh

    While I can’t justify the use of another photographer’s images, I have to give the guy (I’m assuming it’s a male) credit for being right up front about the situation and the type of services provided. Hopefully some of this person’s own work will be available in future ads.

    I did some pretty wierd stuff also when I was trying to start out. But that was 50+ years ago and I’ve gotten (hopefully) a bit better.

  7. Just curious…”Lingerie to full nude…and beyond!” So not only am I wondering what s/he means by that, but also have reread the whole ad in Buzz Lightyear’s voice now.

    • That probably means skinning, which is fairly extreme, but indeed creative… I guess…

      • Katherine

        I too was wondering what the “beyond” was then decided that I probably don’t want to know….

  8. WOW! This person is a pervert, not a photographer not even a fauxtographer. It screams nasty.

  9. OK, someone please tell me … what is beyond full nude? Or should I not ask?

  10. I think the thing that bothers me the MOST about that is the “lingerie to full nude (and beyond)” part – how the hell can you go “beyond nude”? O_o

  11. …. This goes WAAAY further than a simple GWC call-out. That’s just creepy. VERY creepy.

  12. Rch2411 Photography

    Props for him putting himself out there but Copyrights infringement and No studio, they just show up at your house, “Can we use your bed room? It got great widow light!” Lol

  13. “I don’t show any images of previous shoots to anyone but myself, and my assistant in some instances?” In other words, I get off on looking at nude pics, and if they’re good, I call a friend?

  14. I believe the pictures in question were lifted from these guys, if memory serves:

  15. PMKphotography

    A) I thought he didn’t take any images home so how does he ” show them only to himself and his assistant”
    B) WTF is BEYOND nude?!?!?!!

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