I Need to Drink More

This makes me need a drink. I can only hope there aren’t little people floating in my cocktail.

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  1. trillian

    They look completely bored. They must have been left inside those glasses for hours.

  2. …………..WHY?

  3. A real ‘touch of glass’

  4. It’s odd, but well executed. I see a lot worse on here.

    • Meowcate

      It’s not well executed. Here, we’re talking about bad photographers. Being good with Photoshop : not a big deal. Having a good idea for a shot, it’s different. And finding the good attitude for the girls (“awww, I’m bored to be trapped in this giant glasse”), very different.

  5. The only time that works is if your doing a full on digital art piece and its done with some sort of fantasy creature..fairy etc.. but even then it has to be well executed.
    This leaves everyone scratchin their heads because the reason for them being in the glass is not given light..
    It just looks unfinished..which is sad..but really shouldnt have been done at all because its not a fantasy image..

    • No fairies – PLEASE no fairies!
      I’m thinking this might be related to those Russian wedding photos from a few weeks back.

  6. Angelina

    Oh, come on…without knowing the context of this photo, we can’t really judge it. For all we know, it was most likely a joke of some kind…or done for a promotion…maybe some weird college play written by a student about girls trapped in their beer glasses…I don’t know why it was done. But, it’s in focus, exposed properly, etc. It’s just…well, annoying art. But, it’s not obviously bad PHOTOGRAPHY….just full-on weird photoshopping and choices of expression. You can’t possibly tell me this is the worst photo you could find to share. I see worse on Facebook every single day!

  7. That is just where you need to keep your daughters, in a glass on a shelf! We all know women should be taken care of like fine china or glass.

  8. I think it’s awesome! Though they do look bored, I’m sure there’s a better picture there somewhere.

  9. Context? What does it meeeeeaaaaaaan? How can we judge this photo when we have no idea what the meaning is behind it????

    • Actually, a stand-alone photo should be able to communicate its meaning without any additional information. Your assessment is like reading a poem and then expecting the poet to explain it to you. The poem should be self evident, and so should a photograph.

      What makes this a bad photo is that it fools you into thinking that it should mean something more, but that meaning is so poorly conveyed.

      Maybe the photographer just wanted three bored girls trapped in three glasses. No meaning. In which case, the photo goes from poor to terrible.

  10. To be honest, this is not that hard to do. I don’t understand the concept, and believe it is probably just an experimental piece which should be archived as such. If this is in someones “portfolio”, well I can’t say I like it actually I can only cringe at it, it doesn’t do any justice in promoting oneself as a serious photographer.

  11. It was an interesting idea on someone’s part. It isn’t a bad photo, just different. Again, we do not know the full background of why this was done.

  12. When I first saw this one – I was – like – ok – it’s properly exposed, there aren’t any obivous sea shells or aliens in the photo – just the three ladies in glasses.

    I’m with the majority here – without knowing the contect or the message that the photographer was trying to send – or what the person paying them wanted – pretty hard to rag on this one.

    Example of Context:

    The current Fad in Sports (Team) photos is to do individual shots of the team members – each looking bored or with a stupid look on their face / making a funny face / etc… Generally anything but the straight on mug shot. The studio then takes all of the individual shots and pastes them onto a background – say a famous landmark, cool landscape or something. Together as a group / team photo the concept works (kind of) but if you just look at each team member’s photo on their own – it looks like crud.

    I’m wondering if that is what this person was trying to duplicate…

  13. Hey, the chick on the left is wearing a Molson Canadian hockey jersey. Sweet.

  14. This isn’t really that bad. It’s much more creative and well done than anything else on this site. My opinion is it shouldn’t be here, just my thoughts… Hopefully the site isn’t getting that desperate, because there are still plenty of crappy photos out there to bag on.

  15. It all boils down to “Just becuase you can dosent mean you should”….. That applies to 90% of images on this site.

  16. I agree, we don;t really know what’s behind it. I imagine it was set up and the photog took all those individual pics of the girls, then inserted them in the glasses. As such, it seems OK to me – weird concept without knowing the backstory but decently done. The women look in focus, exposure is OK, although I’m left wondering why the girl on the right has a much shorter glass.

  17. Okay… this image is an exercise in Photoshop. I had the same assignment when I was in school twenty years ago. At least they look like they are actually behind the glass instead of erasing the glass in front of them like another image I have seen on here. The question I have is why would you advertise your services with something that is obviously a classroom assignment? Just because you are in school and have a photography class or two does NOT mean that you should use your assignments as advertising. And if you are still in school, YOU ARE NOT A PROFESSIONAL PHOTOGRAPHER.

  18. Just makes me wish I could leave my kids in a glass for a few hours…

  19. Hey! It’s Teeny Little Super Guy’s family:


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