Hole in the Pumpkin

I think this is perfect for all of you coming down from yesterday’s sugar high. As an added bonus, if you ate too much candy, this might help you puke it right back up.

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  1. uhm…i sat there for 4 minutes trying to figure out what it was until i realized it was a belly. and then another few minutes figuring out the direction. overly vingette, never too wise :/

    • I don’t feel so bad now, because I did the same thing!

    • I did the same thing! I backed up from my screen, tilted my head, moved the monitor some and by some chance I noticed it. Taking in a photo (by actually knowing what the subject is) should not be that complicated.

    • carolsworld

      Ditto. Weird photo. Seriously took me a while…

    • Me, too! It took me few minutes, and then I expereinced that “ah ha” moment, only to turn that into “argh!”

    • I didn’t even realize that it was a belly until I read these comments and had another look. I thought it was a freaky pumpkin/orange hybrid of some sort.

  2. The person who made that, is he or she legally blind?

  3. FalconPunch

    How did this idea come into fruition? Alcohol must have been involved…

  4. I’m just glad the veins on the tummy don’t stand out like on the pumpkin in the background…

  5. Shannon Gottschalk

    I thought she was laying sideways for a while. I had to stare at it for a bit to figure it out. It’s just BAD!!

  6. mercurialohearn

    the fuck is that?

  7. Why would someone do that? As a pregnant woman (which I am) and a photographer (which I’d like to be), I can’t figure out why ANYONE would think that’s a good idea. It boggles the mind.

  8. What a beautiful picture! Such a unique idea, I love it! Oh wait, it’s time for my psychosis medication…

  9. This. Is. Horrible.

  10. Cute concept, poor execution. I’ve seen bellies painted as watermelons and it was super cute, but this was just horrible.

  11. pixeldawg

    WOW. What a train wreck THIS is! I too couldn’t figure out what it was, and the orange thingy in the background almost made me think of butterflies because it kinda has that wing texture to it. Truly horrible and thanks for making me laugh today! WOW!!!

  12. I’m looking and looking and all I can say is ???????????

  13. I’m a body painter, and I get hired to paint baby bumps quite often. I know nothing about photography (which makes me greatly appreciate the photographers I work with!), but makeup artists experience the same thing photographers do. People think that putting paint on skin automatically makes them body painters. As we can see from this photo, eh…. not.

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