Magic Glow Baby

majic baby

We’re wondering if she lives near a power plant and what kind of super powers her baby will have!

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  1. I don’t know…without the flare I wouldn’t know that this is a maternity photo.

  2. Is there like… a software that they all use. Because even if I tried to make it look that bad, I don’t think I could.

  3. Obviously the selective color didn’t bring enough attention so a little flare was just the icing on the pregnant belly cake!

  4. It looks like the woman on the left is like “I’m going to steal this baby” and the woman on the left is like “I feel like she’s going to steal this baby”.

  5. Those aren’t friends. They’re government agents, desperately trying to keep the creature from escaping it’s maternal confines. You can tell that the gal on our right is the supervisor, and she’s not happy with the underling’s flippant attitude towards this child of doom.

    Seriously though, the saddest part of fauxtography is that it makes people look awful. None of these ladies are flat out unattractive, and they certainly could have been posed with better instruction to flatter their builds and bring out their beauty, but this photog just didn’t seem to care about making them look good as much as they cared about simply having them in the shot.

  6. The amount of time and effort that these people put into these pieces of junk never ceases to amaze me. If only they could direct their energies towards something useful in life, but no, they spend (likely) hours figuring out what multitude of effects they can glop onto a single image and spending hours more to tweak it so it looks fantastic.

  7. There’s potential here…I feel like this photo could be the seed of a plot device for a wacky comedy movie.

  8. I always wonder…if Photoshop (or any derivative) didn’t exist…would they find a way to do this. Maybe we should criticize the developers for allowing such an easy enticing effect that is so readily available.

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