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ribbon ninja boudoir

At least the fauxtog got her bra strap in focus! It’s okay, ninjas are probably hard to photograph…

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  1. roycebennett

    My money is on the pervy male fauxtog that gets his jollys like Terry Richardson. Except for the fact I believe Terry could actually use a camera.

  2. That one guy

    remove the head band and focus on her eyes… then it would be an okay pic. also if it was less cropped and you could see the curves of her body, at least to her knees… and lower on the right side to see her elbow which is important for the pose that shes in…. so overall, the fauxtaug had a great opportunity and blew it. the model is actually good looking

  3. they should leave the logos on…

  4. Hairband around the wrist! How’d the fauxtog miss that? Wait. Never mind.

  5. The skin tones look maybe there’s different temperature lights in the room…or maybe she’s a nOObie with spray tan.

    But her eyes are what’s bothering me. Aside from being out of focus, it’s like they’re opened way too wide to look alluring or sultry. She looks more surprised than anything.

    As for the headband…if it was intended to match the model’s other attire,…um…no. All it does is call my attention to just how out-of-focus the rest of her head is.

  6. Her bra strap is in focus?

  7. Clashing colours, hair and and bra. Eyes out of focus. Odd.

  8. At least we know what the fauxtog was focusing on when he (and, yes, I’m pretty confident they are a he) took the shot…

  9. I think the ribbon is supposed to be a bow.

    Composition isn’t horrible. If it were in proper focus and with only a little better posing, it would’ve been a “non-bad” photo, which isn’t saying it would’ve been good.

    And lol, the wrist hairtie. Too funny.

  10. I definitely agree this had the option to be a very sexy pose. However, there are a lot of key elements that just don’t work. Obviously the fauxtog used automatic focus (not a big deal) but should have used the focus lock option after getting her head in focus. Plus her head should have been turned more so it’s not like her eyes are straining to look out of the corner of them. You can barely see the pupils. The hairband around the wrist is the other really bad eye sore. But the only other complaint I really have is the cropping at the wrist.

  11. Xeyedlyza

    Ummm…I’m pretty sure that that head does not belong to that body…if you focus on just her face, it looks like its been photoshopped onto the body with the model having been positioned to fit (like she was imitating the woman from another photo). Plus, the skin is totally different…would explain the weird cropping and the focused bra strap, no? If the original model WAS shot by a pro, the face probably was in focus and the strap was at the edge of what was “in focus”.

    • Nah, you’re wrong. It’s that face’s body. Face color and skin color can often be different tones.

      • Xeyedlyza

        I agree with you on the different skin tones, but come on…what are the odds that this photographer landed a model with a perfect body and skin (if not a little over-fake-tanned)–or was able to alter the photo enough to make it seem that way–but couldn’t eliminate the hair tie bracelet and thought the ribbon around her forehead was a great idea? Or at least make the skin on her face look a little less oily? Seriously, just focus on her face and it’ll look like she just popped her head up from below while standing in front of an advert or something. And if her hand was really supporting her head in that position, wouldn’t there be some wrinkling or stretching of the skin? It seems like she’s just placing her hand to the side of her face. I’m sure I could be wrong, but everytime I look at it now, I can’t help but see two different people!

      • Xeyedlyza – could’ve been a friend or girlfriend or something.

  12. They need to simplify their taste. It just seems really too busy.

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