It’s A Genie

Obviously her clothing and bracelets are the source of her genie power! They’re glowing!

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  1. Kristian

    Finally! Selective coloring done right!

    • If by “right” you mean “badly,” then, yeah.

      • kingling

        Obviously Kristian was being facetious, Susan. I mean, duh. You are more idiotic than any of these fauxtographers if you couldn’t see that from a country mile away. So, just keep your little snippy comments to yourself.

  2. She’s a genie in a bottle baby…have to colour select the right way honey….oh…um…that’s not right. Is she lying down?

  3. That foot. Brilliant.

  4. Bernard Rentajag

    It’s the random coloured spots on her belly that raise this above the standard.

    • Shii Chan

      No, I’m pretty sure it’s the chip board she’s posing against that makes this so exceptional

  5. Rachel

    And her foot! It is a mighty powerful foot!

    • BurninBiomass

      Reminds me of the line from the movie “Mother” when Albert Brooks eats some old sherbet… “This tastes like an orange foot!”.

  6. Leslie

    You gotta love her dislocated right arm, too.

    • As a belly dancer myself, the way she is standing is a normal pose. However the fauxtog did a horrific job with the angle and with the editing.

  7. Cherry7Up

    Dear Fauxtogs,

    Selective coloring… stop it.

  8. very unflattering…. is this really someones work?

  9. Regardless of how awful this pic is, I cannot get why anyone would edit out skin colour. People do not look good in grey (unless it is a monochrome picture) It is a trend that totally baffles me. As for this particular pic – words fail me.

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