Big Purple Tail

This is so realistic, I now believe in mermaids.

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  1. Maybe she was trying to find a way to do a sexy picture and hide her cottage cheese thighs at the same time. WINNING!

  2. Cortney

    Dat azzz??? Mmm…no.

  3. something is awfully fishy about this pic

  4. My 5 year old son said mermaids are for real. Now I believe him!

  5. sharon g

    Does this fin make my ass look fat?

  6. I know the photographer who took this. This shoot wasn’t a paid gig. It was just an experiment that she was doing, trying to teach herself to use Photoshop. It’s pretty petty to insult someone who is in the process of trying to learn. We all have to start somewhere.

    • you’re right John, but it’s fun and makes us feel better when we have a bad day shooting.

    • Maybe she should have kept this one in a secret file on her desktop instead of publicly posting it. She may also want to keep her “photography” name off the photo too, if she ever wants to get another paying gig.

    • Novice or pro, once someone slaps a watermarks on a photo and calls themselves “photographer” then they’re fair game.

    • Andrea

      While I applaud your friend for trying to learn a new skill. Practice work doesn’t need to be posted and therein lies the fail.

      • That’s the thing. I may be wrong, but I recall that she only posted it on her personal page to get constructive feedback from her smaller circle of friends. I don’t think it was intended to be posted professionally. Some third party obviously thought it was fair game to make a public spectacle of, though. Kind of a douchey thing to do… but, people can be assholes sometimes.

    • anichol

      I agree John. So many people are putting down new, learning photographers. Just like you said. How are they supposed to learn if they do not try and fail? What needs to be happening is constructive criticism, helpful tricks and tips and passing down useful knowledge, rather than scarring them with insult after insult. How are they ever supposed to gain confidence in any of their work with other “real photographers” ripping their hard work and efforts to shreds and not even beginning to explain to them why. This is ART, we are supposed to help, heal and create. Not HATE.

      • The comments I’ve read so far were a LOT kinder than when I was in art/film school. Exactly what color smoke do you want to people to blow up someone’s skirt. Selective colored smoke? Personally, I think even posting it to a personal site is worst than posting it publicly. Why? Because no one who loves and cares about you would ever tell you this is a car wreck of an image. Thus, ZERO constructive input.

      • Getting sick of fauxtographers

        The problem is, so many start up a business, without even a basic grasp of the fundamentals of photography. I have an old school friend who has just started a business and her work is appalling. But nobody tells her that because then it’s seen as mean, nasty or even bullying. She asked what camera she should buy, because her lights weren’t working with it. Didn’t even realise she needed triggers…

      • Meatdagger

        I don’t know what everyone is talking about. She F*CKING Nailed It!!!!

    • What. WHAT

      That looks like an 8Bit graphic off a NES Game console. At least have the mermaid look half real,

    • Annoyed

      I’ve posted my work in public forums for the very purpose of getting feedback. I heard some really harsh sh*t, but it didn’t discourage me. It made me think harder with each shot I took after that. Every time I shoot a wedding, I hear those comments over and over in my head and KNOW to not make the same mistakes. Getting all of that “constructive criticism” made me a MUCH better photographer and my clients are benefitting greatly from it. If this person can’t take the heat of having her work criticized, she needs to stay as a hobbyist and continue to show her work to the people who love her.

    • Meatdagger

      Sorry but your friend should keep her “learning art” to herself or her parents fridge and not brand it with her name. If she is just learning, then she should accept the fact that it is just bad period… and learn from that. It’s awful period. That is criticism yes. It is not going to help someone to learn by trying to spare their feelings and sugar coat their sh*t.

  7. do you people realize that its a human being with feelings that your talking about? you should all be ashamed.

    • Crab Cakes

      I thought it was a mermaid 😉

    • It’s not an insult, this is not good. It’s better than I could do on photo shop (because I haven’t worked on it, so I am cr*p at it) but it is still pretty bad, and not something to display – unless she did it as a joke. Tell her to keep trying. The actual photograph isn’t bad at all. If, as you say, she just published it for friends that’s fair enough but then why label it?

      • Sorry reply posted in wrong place, was meant to respond to John.

  8. Pixeldawg

    Well, it’s obvious she’s not a REAL mermaid. REAL mermaids are topless or have shells… everyone knows that. I mean, watch a freakin’ Disney movie, OK?

  9. reactiveload

    Still better than Sharknado.

  10. Fauxtographers LOL

    Whether or not it was an attempt at something new, an experiment, a new style… Etc. the fact remains, this is terrible. The point is this: when you watermark something, you do it so people a.) know the artist (this isn’t art) and b.) don’t steal it and publish it without credit. (No one would publish this.) So for the person who took this, to mark it and then publish it?!!! But why?

    I have no words to describe it. It’s just really poorly done. Great example of Fauxtography.

    I wish this person luck in securing legitimate paying jobs with garbage like this in their portfolio. 🙁

    I challenge you to link us to something well done by this person. Even close to compositionally correct would be a shock. I look forward to seeing more of this “style”. Ha ha.

  11. Fauxtographers LOL

    To be fair, lets pretend that tail wasn’t there.

    The lighting on her face is harsh, those shadows are distracting, the watermark is bigger than the models facial features, the pose is forcing her torso to twist and retract and causing rolls, and her hair is a mess.

    This photo was bad before the tail.


  12. John!
    You say this “photographer” needs contrastive criticism…& you are right. BUT-what you do not know is that this person DID get exactly that-went off on the person-delete said persons “constructive criticism” then went off on the person publicly saying her page wasn’t the place for that. So…call this karma

  13. John: I think you inadvertently brought up an interesting point. The fauxtographer posted this on a personal site for criticism. Exactly what do you expect family & friends to tell her/him? That it’s magical. That it’s genius. That it’s amazing. How does that make her improve her images? I think it’s a huge disservice if this person wants to make it in the professional world to not post publicly to hear what the collective may think. Now…I’m not saying take ALL of the criticisms to heart, but filter out what you can improve.

  14. The website designer made this image.

  15. I know the woman who made this image. It was done as an experiment to see if assholes would steal it, post it, and criticize it.

  16. I call this FAKE!!! Mermaids don’t wear bras!

  17. Camerawhipped

    To be totally honest I am a photographer also in Spokane, There is so much competition here its ridiculous, We have a Very well known and highly sought photography program for an AAS degree, I am halfway through mine. What makes it worse; All the terrible photographers that consist of 40 percent of what is our population. Complain and whine all you want about how you are still “learning”. Trying to “Teach your self” Good composition and design accompanied by Technical knowledge can not be achieved on the internet. My teachers have been perfecting their craft for thirty years and consistently say they are still learning. You can’t just decided you want to be a photographer. Its a skill that is honed just like any other art.

    If you love photography; go all the way. Marry it. Give your life too it.
    Anything less is an insult to the art.

  18. mrrabbit2502

    In true Fauxtog fashion, they should have made the photo grey, but left the tail purple. Keep up with the trends people. That is my constructive criticism for the day.

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