Is She Choking?

Aw, how cute! Baby is pretending to choke on a Christmas decoration! So festive!

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  1. I’ve seen worse.

  2. monolith

    In all fairness, I think this was the chosen photo for the upcoming USPS stamps limited edition, “Holiday Babies Enacting Medical Emergencies”. You should see the little darling reproducing “Fourth of July Firework Disaster”. Anne Geddes, eat your heart out!

  3. Maybe she’s trying to hold her head still so she’s not so blurry.

  4. A photographer

    It’s cute. What can you do?

  5. The kid is a cute kid but the point of this website is to bring attention to ugly pictures that people think are great. This picture is a total fail on so many levels and if you don’t think so you probably have a bad eye for photography.

  6. Any pic where a kid is sticking their tongue out at you usually is NOT a ‘keeper’ unless it was intended for the shot. They had to have a family pic of me sticking my tongue out because I misbehaved the entire photo shoot one year (I was eight).

  7. Geez, couldn’t the fauxtog have been a good Samaritan by putting down the camera and doing the Heimlich procedure? At least s/he managed to capture that Xmas ornament hurling through the air as the little girl coughed it up!

  8. It’s the white vignette, the true mark of a professional.

  9. Cute little kid, pity about everything else.

    And she’s not choking on an Xmas ornament, peeps, I’d say she’s just recovering from having nearly swallowed her tongue!!! 😉

  10. no one special

    Right before the picture was taken she said, “This guy? I’ve seen his Facebook pics.”

  11. She’s expressing how she feels about white vignettes!

  12. Hanimex Omelette

    “NO, Sweetie! That was a DECORATION, not candy!”

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