Fake Blink

No blinking skills? NO PROBLEM! Fauxtog editing to the rescue! Warning : results may vary but are consistently horrible.

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  1. Looks like someone blacked her eye! Horrible eye allergies….oh this is AWFUL!

  2. What do I think? Not much.

  3. monolith

    In some cultures, she would be revered as a god. There’s one I’ve heard tell worships dead eyes and hearty appetites.

  4. Good God! Now I really have seen it all!!!

  5. sharon g

    Kind of looks like she lost an eye & instead of getting a fake one, she just had the lid permanently closed.

  6. She should probably see a doctor with that much glow and eyes that are not in sync with each other…

  7. They could have AT LEAST picked the eye that was already squinting. But yeah, better to not try at all.

  8. Haha, monolith 🙂

  9. OMG! just when you think you`ve seen the really bad ones…something like this P.O.S. tops it.

  10. Actually, this would be a wink, not a blink. LOL

  11. Thats talent.

  12. The editing us horrible, I definetly agree! But her right eye seems not to be photoshopped to me. It seems to me like she has no right eye. How can you tell it is photoshopped? Poor girl…

  13. I personally think it needs more contrast too.

  14. TollToll

    the fact that she may have no eyeball freaks me out, but that’s the not the reason this pic is on this page, what is up with those colors!?

    • Read what the caption says “no blinking skills” . I personally think this photo should be deleted from here.

      • TollToll

        Agreed, if she is handicap it shouldn’t be joked about :/

      • Totally agree, this one should be taken down. The colors may not be great, but the caption is pointing out her closed eye and it’s pretty obvious she lost an eye. Hadicap is not something that should be joked on.

  15. Not to mention that it is over saturated as crap. Something I see with allot of photogs.

  16. Even if that closed eye WAS made that way in Photoshop, that’s hardly “what’s wrong” in this photo.

  17. The wink is only one small problem … man! oversatured and overexposed!

  18. Jennifer

    What is with the over editing crap with the people! I mean do you not know colors? Can you not clearly see this is terrible? Its like a neon sign exploded here. I didn’t do well when I started, and my editing had the big vignettes and the selective coloring too, but at least I wasn’t freaking saturate crazy!

  19. Chicalola

    I do have to say, I went to school with a girl who had any eye issue, which caused one of her lids to always be closed. She may be a bad winker…..but she may also have a problem with her eye that can’t be helped.

  20. Hanimex Omelette

    Amblyopia is not only treatable, you can look like a Pirate in the process!

  21. NO NO NO. Winking in photos is only okay if you are also making a “peace” sign… and also happen to be a manga character… you know what? Not okay, ever.

  22. They must of used tie dye color space for this one.. Took a Polaroid, dipped it in boiling water and food coloring, rung it out, smoothed out the wrinkles, scanned it, and did all of this over with MS Paint!

  23. hahahahahahaha – what is awesome is that the main ad above her when i signed in was for EYE DOCTORS!!!! ahahahah – i think it was aimed at the photographer… no sorry, pfft, no, not photographer, i meant to say “the one holding the camera and clicking the crappy shot button”.

  24. C.Düsterhöft

    You guys are horrible! YOU SHOULD ALL BE ASHAMED!!!!!
    Have you even seen that she has a huge scar right next to her closed eye.
    Maybe the eye is actually closed for a reason…

  25. I hope every single one of you people saying rude things go to hell and burn, you stupid bitches. You dont know her story, like i do. So before you go and judge someone remember you got three more fingers pointing back at you.

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