Interesting Trophy Placement

number 2

She’s number 1! And it looks like she’s about to go number 2…

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  1. Elizabeth

    Is this where I make a 2 girls, 1 cup joke?

  2. What trophy??? Oh yeah there it is!!

  3. for once I disagree.. this is a beach event prize, I think this is a interesting idea.

  4. If the trophy directly relates to the recipient’s backside, I would say this is a novel but appropriate composition.

  5. People – Really? This is at best a candid / grab shot (pun intended) that the photographer happened to see and thought – Interesting placement of the trophy – let’s get a snap of it.

    There is nothing to indicate that the photographer posed it this way intentionally, and if you’ve ever been at any kind of event where trophies, ribbons, awards, etc are presented – this isn’t that uncommon.

  6. When you gotta go, you gotta go!

  7. We’ve all been caught short….
    Usually I’ve been able to duke bheind a tree!

  8. Erik R.s.P

    I think this shot may be not as bad as it looks first hand. If this is a beach volleyball trophy the placement is just as if the winer is giving the play signal. So it could have a good shot after all.

  9. That photo should be called “one girl one cup”.

  10. It’s a number 2 trophy

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