Sleepy Army Baby

squish baby

Army Baby is wearing his helmet wrong…

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  1. He’s not wearing it wrong. He just took the term “cover your ass” literally.

  2. Baby looks like it’s down in a fox hole…all in the theme of the pic, I guess. Is that Daddy above? Is the parent hoping the baby will be in the armed forces as an adult? Is….????? Don’t get it.

    • I never understood the significance of dressing up in military garb for new baby photos. It doesn’t say “Look at our new family member” to me. It’s more like “Hey look, I just made another me for the military. Woo!”

      • It’s the child dressing up as the parent. It’s quite normal, and as they get older even happens at halloween sometimes. If daddy or mommy has an identifiable job (like something with a uniform or specific clothes) they might want to dress up as that.

  3. Christina

    What gets me is it looks as if they are floating in some sort of black abyss. There’s no contrast and the entire image is just too soft. Don’t care for the military composition, but that is a matter of personal taste.

  4. deborah k

    army baby pictures, done tastefully, is supposed to signify the pride that is instilled in the family member who is in the military and about the sacrifices the family has to make to keep their family together and a new baby instills the same pride if not more that u have given new life instead of taking it away, as in iraq or now probably syria. But no, it does not say you are just trying to birth more “military brats”

  5. MarySmith

    Incredibly horrible photo by a hack. But think of this. If this were a Russian or German soldier, would you view it differently?

  6. Sometimes less is more people. You’re in the military and it’s your child (I’m supposing). We get it. We don’t need all three references, and especially so poorly shot and placed. The poor kid looks like some sort of camo turtle trapped in a net for goodness sakes.

    • Who is the “we” you’re referring to? I don’t think a families personal composition choice has anything to do with “we”. If a military family wants their baby represented showing that they are a new member of the family branch (lol), and they plan on showing the image off on their wall (either actual or virtual) it’s none of your business to question that. Now, this image could have been better thought out and captured while keeping the concept the family was going for. “We”… Ha!

      • “We” is the audience. “We” is whomever is viewing this final picture. Obviously you misunderstood me. I am not criticizing the family’s desire to show their child along with the military daddy. I am criticizing the photo that we the public are viewing in saying that we get the military tie without having to have it emphasized in so many ways in a single shot and poorly executed and lighted at that. Ha.

  7. Crab Cakes

    I’m a Marine’s wife and I have never liked these types of pictures. I only have one military-ish baby photo, and that is simply a snapshot of my husband in his uniform holding our daughter. It was nothing planned or ‘themed’ like this one. I really just don’t understand it. Are they trying to show off their baby, or the fact that they’re in the Service? Both are certainly something to be proud of, but the two aspects should not be competing within the photo.

  8. I don’t have an issue with the concept but I can’t figure out what’s going on here. I had to really study the image to figure out the helmet part, and the baby floating in air without resting on anything just looks kinda weird. This could be much better, and I don’t care for B/W in this either.

  9. That is the ugliest turtle I’ve ever seen!

  10. I don’t mind the theme, it’s no different than firefighters wanting their babies in their helmets or boots, but it could have been done much much better. And it could have been focused.

  11. A confusing mess.

  12. I thought those were pointy elf shoes and maybe it was a forest picture of a baby turtle. So confusing.

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