He Did That

At least he’s taking responsibility for it…?

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  1. Ipshwitz

    Very cute idea, horribly executed.

    • It’s tacky, not a cute idea at all!!

      • yeah exactly. there are so many weird ideas for those couple/just married/wedding/first child photos…

    • Raven

      I agree. Cute idea just horribly executed. Could of picked a better angle/location without such a busy background. Or at least considered opening up the aperture and blurring the background so it isn’t so distracting.

  2. m & m

    shouldnt it be: we made this…?

  3. no one special

    one can only guess that he did that in a dirty alley. why else pick this location?

    • anthonyb2416

      I second that! Poor choice of location.

    • I was thinking that they should have another sign saying “and I did it right here” somewhere in the picture.

  4. Helen P. "Mickey" Megginson

    Too many distractions in this terrible location.

  5. Sylvia

    Bothersome? YES! Even more bothersome? That horrible, horrible, location. Trash can as a background? not “trashy” at all, no. ::sarcasm:: I guess at least they’ll be able to skip the paternity test? No?

  6. By all means use an alley, but maybe up against the wall (which is where the poor bairn was probably conceived) to lessen the utter shite round about them.

  7. Kwoodz

    Keep text out of photos, or go write a book. It’s cheesy and tells me the photographer isn’t creative whatsoever.

  8. Alise

    When I see pictures like this one I have to wonder: was there any doubt?? (that he ‘did that’ I mean). When their family and friends see this picture, do they really need that extra confirmation? Makes me wonder how messed up the whole situation might be lol. And then there’s that terrible, trashy background, which really isn’t helping the situation at all.

  9. Maybe we have it all wrong. Maybe instead of a gender reveal, this is the paternity test reveal.

    • tealgreen1985

      This comment made me LOL in a public place loud enough for people stare… thank you for that 🙂

  10. Michael

    He doesn’t look happy. Regrets?

  11. This blame goes squarely on the fauxtog. The guy doesn’t seem to believe he’s doing this, while the girl is making the best of it. It seems like they were tricked into doing a still with the promise that it probably won’t be the one used. Surprise!

  12. I have seen this done before, but with a less distracting location and pulled off much better. I still think it is tacky, but there are lots of tacky people out there.

  13. Jenna

    So…classy? Bleh.

  14. Burninbiomass

    “I did this!”

    Congratulations, you have a penis.

  15. Sometimes, after using the restroom, I like to write “I did this! >” on a chalkboard and pose before the final flush. Because, you know, that’s the proper way to celebrate a biological function.

    • Okay, that was a pretty crappy thing to say. Please excuse my potty mouth.

      • JimCLovesHardCock

        You are a fucking moron get back in the woods you redneck.

  16. Mr.Four

    How would you fix this if you had to shoot in the same exact spot at the same time of day? ND at f/2.8 or wider to lose the background, fill flash to get rid of the raccoon eyes, throw that sign away, have him put on a real smile FFS. And why are they dressed like that for maternity shots?

    This site is fun. I love looking at some of the crazy images posted and giving myself a mental challenge… “Okay, if I can’t change this location or position or person, how would I make this work.”

    • Interesting challenge! I would back away and use longer focal length (less depth of field would lose the background a little). It’s really flat light, so maybe have them turn more 3/4 to the overhead canopy. I’d also have them start talking to each other about anything fun. And start shooting. As it is, it feels so stiff. I think the sign had a lot to do with it. It locks them into a very posed shot.

    • rerunvp

      Mr. Four, I like your idea. Challenge accepted!

  17. ewewewe

    “I did this”. AS to say, I did her and ooops knocked her up in the process. Nice commercial AC unit in the foreground

  18. Gerbles

    Like it’s a freakin’ accomplishment? Can we all just agree that the use of chalkboards with “cutsy” little sayings on them are the quickest way to cheapen a photo?

    • no one special

      The only time I don’t mind the chalkboard is if it has a date on it.

      • Gerbles

        Umm, no. They’re just so tacky and will look dated years from now.

  19. I guess they’re just trying to be clever with the little sign, but why was this taken in some back alley? Is this where conception occurred?

    • Can’t you tell? They shot there because he’s a tough guy! Look at him: the facial expression, the tattoo, the faded jeans, the cutesy little chalk board with the girly handwriting in pastel blue chalk. It all screams “I’m a tough guy. Fear me. I don’t do crap just because my woman or that photographer tell me to.”

      It all makes more sense now, doesn’t it? 😀

  20. Ciao_Chao

    It’s a cheeky bit of humour and I think the chalkboard element is clever, it’s something that the Times Magazine does on a weekly column. The style of enviromental portrait is also perfectly acceptable, it just doesn’t have to be this environment. It also really doesn’t help that the man is completely disinterested in the whole affair.

  21. spike

    I personally like “gritty” photo settings. I’m a sucker for abandoned buildings, dilapidated barns and general urban decay…but not for a maternity shoot and especially not with the “I did this” message. My first thought was that “this” got “did” in that self-same alley.

  22. Noneofyouarephotographers

    These “Fauxtographers” as you people call them seem to be and always getting more work then any of you self claimed “photographers” all you people do is sit around all day with nothing better to do then to laugh at others and nit pick and act like you could have done it better then those who are working and earning living actually doing it and act like your better then them. But if you were you wouldn’t be on this site mocking and bullying other photographers on their FB pages or sites which I have seen people from here do a lot. None of you are real photographers that is why you have this site to get out your anger of not being able to get work and get paid like those who you mock and ridicule all under the pretense of trying to show the “faux” why they are doing it wrong some people on this site have a holier then thou mentality they even go as far as having the balls to contact the photographers to tell them how they are wrong “browneyedgirl” the worst offender when it comes to contacting people off site to tell them how they did it wrong. I seen your work it’s nothing special , creative or memorable it’s typical instagram influenced garbage just like all the other self proclaimed masters of photography on this site who know better then those who they mock. As far as I am concerned I hope each of you fail at every attempt you make in life with photography and just die under your self deluded ego of superiority you are all meaningless your nothing but internet trash.

    • Having gone thru a bachelor’s in fine art and a master’s in film, I gotta tell you, the comments on this site are far kinder than the ones I got in school. I do agree, going off this site to contact the photographer is bad form, but…I think a lot of photographers here that comment do have valid points (if you sift thru the mean comments). I think a lot of people are fed up at fly-by-nights who purchase camera and slap a label on themselves to be photographers, which is insulting to the ones who spent time learning the craft. I think this is the forum for working photographers to vent. I have to disagree though with this place being a total mean spirited site…there is a separate forum that have great input from photographer to photographer. Lots of good advice.

      • Observer

        I’ll go one further. Anyone who contacts photographers off site is a douche-and-a-half. If they are featured here they know it, that’s enough punishment.

        Many of the comments on this photo, like many others, completely cross the line. Sure, criticize the photo and fauxtog, but why mock the people in it? Paternity tests, conception in the alley, WTF does that have to do with the photo?

    • Gerbles

      @ nonofyourarephotographers- Just wanted to let you know that reading your poorly constructed paragraph and trying to sift through the misspelled words/grammatical errors was exhausting. I guess being a photographic prodigy makes up for being borderline illiterate. Can’t have everything, eh?

  23. the direction of the arrow from his groin to her tummy just has to be intentional….but why – do we need to be that obvious?

  24. fotopoopie

    Shit! id still hit that! LOL!!

    • Grackle

      Awesome, be sure to keep us updated on which women you would or would not have sex with, because it’s something we all genuinely care about! You are a totally cool guy!

  25. xma1e

    Must have thought it was a police photo

  26. Ali C

    “I did this”
    You don’t say?

  27. Flips the board over…”…duh, I ain’t got no idea how!”

    Without out even beginning to question the tastelessness of such an idea, surely walking just 100 yards in any direction would have found a better background to shoot against.

  28. Funner if she held a sign that said he thinks he did! LOL

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