Medusa & The Demon Dog

Medusa and demon dog, just chillin’ out in the ivy…

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  1. Take the damn 20 pound chain off the poor dog and put it on the fauxtographer where it belongs.

  2. Jesus von Heisenberger

    What are these white things at the dog? WINGS?!?

    • Jesus von Heisenberger

      And if yes – why are they in that direction? Are dogs flying backwards?

  3. What’s going on with her belly? Looks like a badly scarred C section!.

    • Zoe Lowinfell Cauvel

      A C section.. on her large intestine..?

    • I’m trying to figure out of the fauxtog has tried to edit her real-life scars, or if they photoshopped them in altogether.

  4. meggy

    Peculiar. But not in a good way. I don’t get it at ALL.

  5. uhm.. wow. I am confused. This photo makes no sense whatsoever.

  6. Call me crazy, but the fauxtog did do a decent job on the belly scars (i hope that was photoshop) and the “nubs” where the wings come out. Poor execution of course.

  7. Pelham

    So friggin badly done and overall plain weird and nonsensical. Small wonder the fauxtog considered it a keeper. Thinking Medusa might be into scarification. (that’s ‘scar’-ification, not ‘scare’, though in this case….)

  8. Doesn’t even look like a photograph.

  9. Jenna

    This faux-tog’s mind must be a very, very strange place…

  10. Raven

    Interesting concept on Cosplay. The scaring on her stomach I’m not sure what’s going on. Could be from an accident. Who knows. Either way, interesting concept on cosplay for Medusa. Not executed as well as it should of been. I can appreciate interesting cosplay concepts.

  11. Kitty

    That poor lady – look at the heat rash she has going on! /s

  12. Why would your average evil being wish to be photographed next to such a vile animal, that poor dog much be so ashamed!

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