Baby Barf

Aw, isn’t that precious?

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  1. some parents actually like those throw up photos. What they don’e like is bad lighting
    , etc.

  2. Zauberer


  3. Honestly I vomited a little too…

  4. Helen P. "Mickey" Megginson

    That is a tasteless photo!

  5. train wreck … but you have to look.

  6. Gerbles

    The proximity to her mouth is quite disconcerting.

  7. Rizzo

    really? i would NOT want this photo. i wouldn’t want it to see the light of day, either.

    • I’d be so embarrassed if a photographer thought a photo of my baby vomiting was something to be put in their online portfolio. 🙁

  8. meggy

    So this photo willtake pride of place on their mantlpiece?
    Yeuk! Even without the vomit it is disturbing.

  9. Glad it’s watermarked, wouldn’t want anyone trying to jack that amazing pic!

    • Grackle

      Photos of babies puking on themselves are in high demand.

  10. fotopoopie

    fucknut photography

  11. justthatgirl

    That is the reason why I don’t want children.

  12. Mr.Four

    Needs more barf! This is half-assed, c’mon. Also, zoom in and fill the frame with the action. Photography 101 ppl.

  13. spike

    Even without the baby froking up, it’s a horrible pose. You barely get a look at either parent’s face, and baby’s face is overpowered by the two adults rather than being an equal part of what I assume was meant to be a family photo.

  14. poojas

    Why is there a used condom in the baby’s mouth?? I’ve never seen anything like this!

  15. While there was initial concern over the posing of the shot, it was only upon seeing the pop-up flash on the camera raise, and realizing that there would be no hair light, no soft boxes, and no reflectors, the baby understood what was happening. Thinking quickly, he did the only thing he could to try and stop this fauxto from ever seeing daylight.

  16. Jenna

    Was the poor child poisoned?

  17. Michael

    The mother almost looks like a momma bird that is regurgitating a meal for the little chickadee.

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