Hanging In The Forest

Did baby step in a trap?

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  1. Jilly jay

    That is one giant baby!!!

  2. LOST! the others are back

  3. Somebody should be hanged in the forest for this, and it ain’t the baby!

  4. bad, bad, bad photoshop job too.

  5. cameraclicker


  6. What?! Babies DON’T grow on trees?!

  7. don’t be so quick to judge. obviously the stork dropped him and he got caught on a tree–this is clearly supposed to be a wildlife photo!

  8. Did anyone notice the baby’s head is transparent? You can see the trees and bark through his scalp!

  9. Helen P. "Mickey" Megginson

    Bad fauxtog, BAD, BAD!

  10. aside from all the obvious omg wrongness of this photo, I just plain can’t stand hanging baby photos. Even if it is done “right” meaning it was done in a safe way and all that jazz, I still just don’t see the point. All I can think of is: why would someone HANG their baby? Maybe I am missing some cultural thing, I don’t know. I just think its wrong.

    • I kind of like them half-and-half. Some seem to work and others just look odd. I am not a big fan of the super-posed newborn photos where they did a composite and propped the baby’s hands under its chin and pushed its legs up by its sides. Yes, it’s done because someone figured out they COULD do it, and the pose became popular… but it looks totally unnatural. No newborn can prop itself up on its elbows while holding its head. I prefer babies snuggled up in blankets and posing props or being held by their parents. That’s just me.

      • I thought I was the only one who didn’t dig those chin-on-hands infant portraits. They remind me of the cheesy 80s and 90s glamor shot poses. They’re completely unnatural for babies. Cute, I guess, but babies are cute in general. They don’t need to be propped up and molded like play-doh into weird poses.

        Hanging the babies is somewhat the same for me as well. While not like treating the baby like a pretzel, it’s still something that makes me o_O. I guess the Rock-a-by Baby nursery rhyme is somewhat to blame? I’ve seen some beautiful photos of babies suspended (composites, of course) but I just don’t get it myself.

      • Agreed. Not a fan of hanging-sack-baby or of baby-chin-prop. For the record, I’m not a fan of hanging-baby-plus-bad-photoshop-forest.

    • Actually, by the looks of it, I’m pretty sure that baby is just hanging. Like, no photoshopped out parent holding it up or anything. And by the look on it’s face, it’s freakin terrified..

  11. Artie Fufkin

    in many states, that’s exactly how you bait grizzlies

  12. Not well executed. What’s the green stuff by the kid’s diaper, or is that better left unknown?

  13. Porr little baby toes!
    Horrible clone job on the right. Or maybe that’s just where the backdrop begins its repeat. Horrible clon job on the left of baby’s head too. He has some nice green-leafy hair growing there.
    Someone needs to caption this “You m*%#er f^@$er!” Baby looks pissed.

  14. He’s just Tarzan in training, you guys. He hasn’t got the hang of the single rope/vine quite yet and needs his safety net for swingin’!

  15. Hanimex Omelette

    The Giant Baby will no longer be terrorizing the Forest.

  16. TollToll

    TARZAN! I was so waiting for a movie in the baby’s eyes!!

  17. Tarzan

    He told us it would look cute!! 🙁

  18. Tarzan

    Tarzan want refund >_<

  19. That’s what you get, kid, for not watching where you step in the forest.

  20. Insanehmong

    Look Ma! No hands.

  21. Look its Paul Bunyan!

  22. Janetiguana

    Another good reason not to set a bear trap in the forest. An innocent baby might be crawling by and get caught up in the snare!

  23. ithurtshwhenipee


  24. OtterTraxx

    I LOVE this picture… but only because I think ALL babies (especially the GIANT ones!) should be hung in nets from trees. Hell, I’d hang in one, myself, if I could!

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