There’s a Baby On You

Photoshopping a baby into baby bump photos is just never a good idea… Especially when you do it this poorly!

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  1. BurninBiomass

    This would make giving birth fairly simple, just need a huge set of tweezers and some experience playing the game “Operation”.

  2. i can’t even begin to fathom wth people are thinking when they do stuff like this.

    • probably the same thing I was thinking when I was three and cut pictures of peoples faces out of magazines….looked about the same too.

  3. I think some people really do have lower resolution eyes and that’s what makes them think that utter crap like this looks acceptable.

  4. Her abdomen has become a wormhole into another universe, filled with clubfooted, lumpy babies! I can imagine this fauxtog saying/writing something along the lines of “it’s a high key shot!”, “it’s supposed to look that way!” if questioned. Yuck.

  5. With all of that ridiculous contrast, the only thing I can think is, “BABY! Don’t step into the light!”

  6. that’s awesome LMAO.

  7. WTF?!? My poor eyes!! Why do people keep doing this way overdone creepy kind picture?? I am starting to think this is a feuxtog’s favorite pose, that and the hand heart over the belly…. I also love the horrible cut and paste job… Think a kindergartener could do a better job!

  8. I wonder if that’s their baby or just A baby!

  9. Bernard Rentajag

    It’s only the lack of selective colouring that stops me thinking this is a parody. Nobody with working eyes could accept this as professional level work.

  10. Hanimex Omelette

    What is the Photoshop setting that gives you the “Exacto Knife” effect?

  11. “There’s a baby on you” roflmao It may just be that I’m so tired tonight I’m silly and anything could send me into giggle fits right now, but it took me at least 10 minutes to catch my breath after seeing this with that caption :). Thanks, I needed that PERFECT! I may just have a new favorite fauxtog image

  12. Looks like scrap booking is alive and well.

  13. The question is… who’s baby is this? Was this done later to a previous maternity shoot, after they had the baby? Is it an older sibling? Is it some completely random photo of a baby? It doesn’t even make sense. If you’re going to do this, at least hold the ultrasound photo over the belly (even then, I rarely see that done well enough).

    • This was my thought, too. Why would you Photoshop a stranger’s filthy baby onto your precious “baby bump”? And if it’s your own spawnage, why not…I don’t know, just take a picture of the fecking baby?

      One of the many things I don’t much get about these pregnancy photos is why anyone is going to give a flying fig about them after the fact. My mother has photos of herself when she was pregnant with me, and they’re just normal pictures of her in loose dresses and such. We don’t go, “OMG, you was a BABBBBBYY in me!” and lose our collective shyte. We go, “God, I can’t believe that dress was considered fashionable maternity wear” or “You didn’t gain much weight” or whatever is suitable. The photo of me that’s so damned interesting (well, if any), is the one from AFTER I was born. Jeez, back in the olden days, no one wasted a lot of sleep over the “before” pictures. And they sure as hell didn’t Photoshop other people’s afters on their befores. And so on.

      • I lost my shit at “lose our collective shyte”. That sums up pretty much the baby phenom these days.

  14. Wut? What is the deal here? Too much contrast, a bad cutout of someone else’s kid superimposed on a woman’s abdomen…

  15. Just dire. That’s all

  16. {shudder}

  17. Insanehmong

    Sweet Jesus… How can you possibly view this as being “Artistic”? Another person who thought photography skills can be bought at best buy.

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