Glowing Girl

bad pic

This would look way cooler with more airbrushing and if she was glowing even brighter!

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  1. Awww, little Enola all gown up. It’s so beautiful. I can’t tell if it’s a real person or a painting! Nice job leaving the texture in the sweater to draw my eye to along with the tat just jumping out at me. And the ever so lovely shadow under the nose so that it looks even bigger. Yeah, and Barbie skin and glow makes me not see all that. Seen worse but I see this trend a lot in my area. Guys think they are glam photogs with so-so pics mushed with their skin smoother of choice.

    • The thing I really can’t stop noticing now is that they didn’t want to blur the tat with their special polyethylene skin filter, and rather than mask it out, just selected a circle around it.

  2. You can see the size and shape of the dodge tool on the tattoo. Maybe the client asked for it to look like a painting?

  3. There might even have been a pretty girl in there

  4. Is her nipple outline intentional?

  5. Something looks quite peculiar about the eyes, as thought they are from two different photos. Also sh looks like she just ate a lemon.

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