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    “I have seen people forced to delete pages/blogs before because of this site.”

    Awesome! The site does great work!


    “I make my living from photography, so I didn’t want to post a link to my real page/website.”

    This doesn’t make sense.Then it shouldn’t be a big deal, If you are what you say you are, there’s no issue. Critique is good, and I’m glad you posted a link for discussion in the first place, but the fact you don’t show your website scares me a little. It gives me the impression you are hiding something or are not completely satisfied with something on the site. I personally might not like your work…and I’ll tell you why I don’t like it and try to help with some things to work on. That’s as far as it would go.


    People seem to take critiques personally and that is the first mistake you can make when someone is looking at your work, It’s not like a den of snakes around here or anything. (Even if it seems like it at times) 😛



    my page is up on this site’s forums, and I know I have a few cringe worthy shots, and no one has done anything rude, or mean spirited on my page. I don’t think you need to worry so much. The first step is acknowledging if you do or do not have a problem ( with being a fauxtog in this case) and this is the place to get it and get it quickly.


    If you’re making a living with your photography, you must be doing something right. But if by “making a living” you mean “I work for cheap because my passion is more important than profit”…. Thatwould be a different story all together.


    I think if anyone was forced to take down their site, it was either because they were rude enough to get someone going, they were breaking the law, copywrite infringment, they were talking with their ego instead of their knowledge, or they were found out by YANAP’s link to their image somehow.  You are doing none of these things by asking people’s opinions on wether you are faux or not.  The worst that can happen is receiving the truth

    Open Focus

    Then why not do what I did and create a Flickr account with a selection of your work?


    If you don’t want to face the potential criticism, why are you posting on this site in the first place? Be brave, post a link.


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    really? that hard to post a link? c’mon


    link works fine for me and for hubby on this phone………………..


    ok, not sure what happened, it works now.


    this one here: https://fbcdn-sphotos-g-a.akamaihd.net/hphotos-ak-ash4/378737_348724605211468_962952761_n.jpg looks like the kid has no legs…and there is one with the same issue. other than that, i wouldn’t say the photos are bad at all.


    Surely it would look worse to have her feet sticking over the edge of the chair, the angle the shot was taken at, I would have had the bottom of her feet in full view, and would have been distracting attention away from her face?


    i once heard “a great pose should not be comfortable”. maybe angle her legs a little to the side, so she’s somewhat kneeling and you can still see the lower legs?

    the legless pose just struck me as really awkward and i felt a little sorry for the disabled girl


    I don’t think you have anything to worry about. And if you are winning awards, why are you even asking if you are a fauxtog?

    This is a strong and compelling image. Nicely lit. If a little scary, made me jump:




    As I said in the initial post, I have huge confidence issues. I probably should have put the post in one of the other forum sections really. I was just after some feedback, I’m always trying to improve my work and getting honest feedback from others helps greatly.


    I know I am not a fauxtog, and I probably put this post in the wrong section, I just wanted feedback and advice on my work.

    I think you’re right, you are not a fauxtographer.


    I like how you get down low with kids. This gives a better feeling of immersion. On some poses, though, you might need to get back a little farther.


    I hate doing shots like that one. Besides worrying about heavy distortion, you need to clean the bottom of the shoes.


    You really have a lot of cute shots. I see you like working the shallow DOF on some portraits, but I like seeing both eyes in focus.



    Why is this one so noisy? Did you shoot it at ISO 3200 or something?



    I like this shot a lot, and the drama you have going… but I have some questions about the pose. It seems like a very masculine image with a feminine pose. The lines are really good, though.



    I’m not here to stroke your ego or pander to your confidence issues, but I didn’t see a single image I had any real problem with. Your kid shots are great. The only suggestions I have for you is to use your DOF preview button on portraits, and think about your crops a little more. Most of your crops were fine, but I thought several could be better.


Viewing 13 posts - 31 through 43 (of 43 total)
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