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    I had to click on this one, because she shares my name. She seems to have the business side down and apparently has been featured in The Knot and had a booth at a wedding photographer expo and also was in some wedding magazine. (This I learned just from scrolling down her FB feed.) But, I really don’t think her photography is that good! No, not really front page of YANAP material, but is it just me or are her images over-sharpened, too contrasty, over-saturated, and some out of focus? It almost looks like some of them are pixelated, like maybe she uploaded a severely downsized version… but I don’t know. Again, not the exact proper thread, or maybe I’m just being too nice. What do you guys think? I would NOT hire her. She has a few good images but overall I was disappointed. She seems lacking in the technical and editing side.



    was looking through Cain’s recent stuff….. i’d be scared of his cover picture for this photography page. it’s not even his picture, it’s one of a teenage girl he edited, he didn’t take the picture. i don’t even know if she knows she’s the cover of his page. Someone had commented saying that  his pictures were too dark. It showed the comment was made through mobile, so then cain comes back and replies with pretty much saying that it’s the person’s phone’s fault the pictures are dark…..ha, yeah right.

    looking through his actual profile. He said “Denied by Model Mayhem Accepted by One Model Place” and i’ll assume he’s applying as a photographer….so at least MM is smart enough to not let him get accepted lol. I’ve never heard of the other one. oh and looking farther into his posts, before that last one, he made this comment “Well I got denied again to Model Mayhem I re edited my description. I dunno why I would get denied. I have 4 models & an ok description” …..hmmm…maybe your photos suck!


    He also posted this… his “new photography style”…..someone needs to stop him..


    re:  https://www.facebook.com/roxanne.ashey.photography


    I think very flat light and horizons that are not level are bigger problems than over sharpening.  Sharpening can be tricky.  Some monitors show the bad effects of sharpening much more than others.


    One Model Place has a category “animals” and featured on their front page, today, is a “Smoky Mountain Bear” in the woods!  They claim to be “The world’s most prestigious modelling and photography professional network”.


    maybe Ricky was denied because his photos are completely awful. I can’t help but wonder if he has some kind of disorder. One minute he’s speaking intelligently about photography stuff, and the next, he acts like a borderline psychopath and also seriously believes his photography is some kind of marketable work.


    @beg: from what i understand, basically anyone can get a knot “best of”  if they send a few friends/clients to write a positive review about them.  and i’m pretty sure she had to pay for that “featured on the knot” banner.

    i’m with you. she’s mostly not a fauxtog, but she’s not that great either. lots of shadows and flat lighting and uninteresting portraiture. oh and vignetting. :/

    i got nothin’ on cain.


    Re the other Roxanne, she isn’t bad I think but rather a bit meh. I certainly wouldn’t hire her for a wedding since she mostly does contrived poses is awful light. Hiring a wedding photographer the photos need to scream “I am bloody good” whereas hers scream “I’m trying but I’m not quite sure what I’m doing”

    I do think she managed pretty well with some of the after party shots and the fish eye suited the atmosphere, for a few shots at least before the novelty wears off. I don’t quite understand the B &W alternations though. It doesn’t look vastly oversaturated but I think she is desperately trying to make up for really uninteresting light and it all falls flat. One thing to consider: I’m assuming a number of us are sitting on wide gamut monitors and if you aren’t using a colour managed browser like firefox or opera, colours will often look very saturated.

    It is a bit odd though. I actually bothered going to all the trouble of registering at the knot after writing the first half of this post to see her portfolio there. That blows her FB shots out of the water by a wide margin. They actually look good but it is hard to see all of them properly as they are a very mixed variety of sizes. I wonder if she is a mediocre tog that occasionally gets a good shot or whether she is a good tog that doesn’t have any concept of selecting good shots to stick up on facebook. The ones in her portfolio and farther back have interesting off camera lighting, good ambient light, interesting poses etc whereas the recent stuff she’s posted I could have had my local butcher do as well. It is all very weird.








    RE:    https://www.facebook.com/roxanne.ashey.photography

    BEG:   With the Knot, the photos may not have to be stellar to be featured. If it’s just the local one for AZ, you can get in there featured more for the wedding itself than the photos. I’ve seen that happen here a handful of times in The Knot Colorado.
    I’ll definitely agree with everyone that the photos are ho-hum.

    NES:   Prepare to get a million things from the Knot! I am getting fliers and crap all the time (although, the guide books for parts of Colorado were pretty cool!) in both my email AND my post. So… just a forewarning. Can you link to her knot page? I tried finding it but didn’t manage to… I’m just curious. If she gets lucky OR her stuff is lifted… or, maybe she has a second shooter that she contracted to claim work for? Who knows, but if it’s that big a jump, that just surprises me.
    RE: Cain… AGAIN…
    Holy crap that guy is seriously a nutjob! I kind of have to echo BEG’s question of if he has some sort of disorder. I just don’t understand how someone can call that stuff Photography in a services market!

    MEND:    Oh wow… that new “style” of his is seriously godawful. How the hell can you call that Photography?! I’m used a conversion similar to that of a derelict building with some magic wand selection in photoshop to distress text in Logos (a trick I learned out of an ollllllld photoshop book in high school) but never as a core image. That just blows me away that he uses the word “masterpiece”. It’s a piece of something all right…


    RE:   AVClub and Farm Fresh

    I despise when someone posts a blurry photo on facebook… friends, family, etc. But for a “pro” to be posting blurry images on both their facebook (AV Club has several) AND their actual website (Farm Fresh)?! Noooo sir. I think that is just laziness. Why on Earth would I want to hire an lazy photographer!? It’s seriously one of my biggest pet peeves though…


    This is her profile, I was probably in a very good mood yesterday because looking at it again the majority of photos look good but some where I can only think “why did this end up in your portfolio” http://www.theknot.com/Vendors/Roxanne-Ashey-Photography/Profile/PHO/177/550546/profile?sid=dSL0Po7fqZXPE2moZdAJ5Q&redirect=true#portfolio

    Look through her older albums on facebook and the photos look more interesting. Maybe she’s feeling a bit burnt out, who knows. However she has enough sound knowledge of photography she does not belong in this thread really. A bit uninspiring as of late but like cain et al.

    I unsubscribed from the knot as soon as I had registered and unticked all other promotional stuff from them. The address I left was for a phoenix walmart


    I just wish all real photographers would stop using facebook as a platform, not only have they got awful terms and conditions but also what the site does to your photos isn’t great.


    @ Browneyedgirl

    I just went on to that Ricky Cain guys FB page and posted this comment.





    Ricky Cain sells that shit?

    He must change lenses in dust storms.. I don’t think I’ve ever seen that much sensor dust. I realize f/22-f/32 can show dust on the cleanest of sensors, but that’s quite a substantial amount on his!

    What’s up with the exposure? It’s like a boosted highlight with no tonal contrast.. It’d still be severely over-exposed, but, wtf?

    Crooked horizon!

    Bad vignettes!

    This guy should write a book on shit to avoid.


    Thomas, I visited earlier just an hour after you posted and your comment was gone even then.  What did you say?


    I guess I forgot to mention the severely under exposed images that seem like they were shot through a car window ?




    Holy crap I didn’t even think to check his actual website! Did anyone else know he had this?
    The two last shots on the main page on the right hand scroller are taken of a TV!

    Curious though, do photos of photos (ie TV, book covers, prints) that are cropped to look like an original image count as copyright infringement? Because that is some seriously sketchy stuff to make yourself look good….


    Copyright infringement?


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