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    That’s how my first wedding was. I was asked by my mom to “donate” my services for a couple at their church who didnt have a lot of money to spend on a wedding and were basically asking people to throw them one. I agreed because it was a good opportunity and it was communicated I wasn’t really a professional. I had only second shot weddings prior and they understood and really only wanted the event documented. Thankfully they ended up loving the photos, but when I shot that, I didn’t have a back up at the time. I do now, but I understand that a lot of the time the favors that some early photographers take on are not what anyone expects from a professional.
    I have never advertised myself as a pro though.

    If this girl is advertising as a professional, she should absolutely have a back up. Even if it’s a dinky, old dslr. Hell, even a high end point and shoot is better than nothing (although they cost about the same). I was thinking we were talking about the girl with the slew of “Firsts” in her facebook post, because that was prefaced as a favor-wedding for a family friend.


    What y’all think about this one?



    Is it a photographer or a Fauxtog?


    I really think she ain’t wrapped tight LOL


    I have a friend that lives close by this small town in SC and she showed me the page. Apparently she booked them and their package costs $1200


    This one is really special. Does that brick wall seem funny to you? 😀


    Note the ad text.


    I had the joy of working with this tog once. I mentioned some of this story in the “frightened boudoir” , but  I used to work as a video producer, and while I tried to avoid weddings like the plague, I did from time to time get roped in by someone who would beg, plead, and offer to pay full price upfront. (I’ve got nothing against weddings, I was just a commercial producer, so they were outside my scope of expertise.)

    At one particular wedding, the couple had hired this guy as their photographer. He was just plain creepy! He had this catch phrase, “who’s feeling naughty?”, and he used it ALL THE TIME. The first set of photos were bride/groom, followed by the bride/groomsmen and groom/bridesmaids, so I assumed it was just his shtick for those, and when he got to parents and family, he would have a new line.


    After that they went to bride/FOB photos. The first thing he said after giving them some posing direction and asking dad to look over his daughter’s shoulder was “Who’s feeling naughty?”. No joke. I literally sat down in a pew, shut off the camera, and watched with my mouth hanging open as he would pose them a little, ask who’s feeling naughty, and take an exposure. Over and over. It was so awkward. You could see the strained expression of disgust under the thin veil of an awkward smile.

    And that was how the whole shoot went, over and over. Groom/mother, grandparents, even the big group photo. “Okay mom, get the little tyke to look up. Who’s feeling naughty?” and flash. Afterwards, nobody was even able to build up the nerve to talk about it. It was awkward with a capital A.

    Looking at his website today, I see that he has turned his backyard into an outdoor studio, with a waterfall. He does boudoir shots, as well as fantasy photography, with fairy and mermaid costumes. Some of the photos on his site border on scary. Some crossed that border a thousand miles ago.

    The amazing thing to me is that he is still in business. The story above took place nearly a decade ago! I’m not sure if he’s locked onto some niche market, or if he’s got a day job that justifies this, but somehow, he’s managed to hang on.


    I’m speechless.

    Though, Google is your friend and I have to say I love that guy’s domain name.  ROFL


    damnit seth, you made me go look, now i’m having a giggle fit.


    Part of me wonders if he mellowed out at some point over the last decade. Looking through his wedding port, people aren’t nearly as creeped out looking as they were in the session I was there to witness. He seemed like a genuinely nice, likeable guy. Sort of portly, and kind of reminded you of Danny DeVito. It’s just that catch phrase. When he used it over and over, it sent chills down my spine. Still does.

    Weirder still, some of his photos in his port look decent, but many would make even a fauxtographer shudder. There’s just no consistency between quality and stuff like the link above.

    Worst Case Scenario

    Serenidade.. Love this shot          https://www.facebook.com/photo.php?fbid=10151207007822380&set=pb.120095697379.-2207520000.1369259118.&type=3&theater

    I’ve often wondered – Does a bride shit in the woods?


    … and I have seen other pros that are fantastic, that don’t have a spare. It makes me worried but that’s their gamble.

    I shot a wedding a couple of weeks ago on a beach at Key West, FL.  I flew down with a big backpack full of gear then packed a smaller bag with what I thought would be useful at the beach and left the rest on the ship.  After the ceremony and reception lunch, I switched to my backup camera for some candid photos on the way back to the ship.  I doubt anyone noticed that I changed cameras.  If you are walking around with two cameras on your shoulder, it is obvious but hardly anyone notices a black bag stuck in a corner and even fewer are curious, or brazen, enough to look inside it.  It could be lenses, flashes, or a whole system.

    The other photographers were a husband and wife team from LA.  I think they each had a single 5D Mk II.  That arrangement let them cover bride and groom simultaneously and during the wedding one shot long and the other short which also had benefits.  If a camera failed, only one of them would still be working, but they would still get photos.  Spare everything, including photographer.

    Digital camera bodies are tough though.  This video shows a 7D is really strong, or that Kai is crazy…   http://www.digitalrev.com/article/canon-7d-hardcore-durability-test/MjA0MjMyMTE_A


    Serenidade.. Love this shot          https://www.facebook.com/photo.php?fbid=10151207007822380&set=pb.120095697379.-2207520000.1369259118.&type=3&theater

    I’ve often wondered – Does a bride shit in the woods?



    @ Worst case scenario: I guess so lol Sometimes you can’t control it!  Specially when you have a headless body in front of you. I would poop my panties LOL




    For that Sandy Toes picture:  It’s probably something I would want documented if my bridesmaids had to hide me because the groom arrived early. Just a fun little memory… however, either zone out the headless girl or tighten the crop later. The photo doesn’t have to be perfect to bring back a laugh in an album down the road, but it is definitely not portfolio worthy. I probably wouldn’t even watermark it.


    Okay…just came across this one…

    I really don’t even know what to say about this senior portrait….other than I hope this is a relative that didn’t pay for this photo.



    What graduating senior guy doesn’t love to pose like a girl….



    Straight Horizons are so mainstream…




    Okay seriously laughed my ass off about this one.



    Seriously…just go look through their whole site





    That craigslist ad with the bride and the fake brick wall is horrendous. Not only did they do the biggest slop-job at ‘shopping that “wall” together, they added a random chandelier just floating there. AWFUL! And he boasts about how much of a professional he is!

    That 20-year-old girl speaks like any teenager in her posting. Whatever happened to making yourself sound like a professional? Not like her photography is any good, anyway… point-and-shoot over-edited junk.

    Dear god if you want to be a professional photographer, learn your trade and learn it well; be able to produce something of high quality! How can people not feel guilty that they are duping people into sub-standard work? Or are they really just blind and have no clue? When I was learning photography I looked at photos from other photographers whenever I could and thought, “Wow I love how they got the photo to look like that, I’m going to learn how to do that too.” And I still do that when I find something I don’t really know how to do.


    That is a candelabra not a chandelier. I see the base of it on the floor. The photoshoping does look pretty bad though.

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