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    mistiffanybaby….I’ve had a go at poor Aleah before.  Near as I could tell, she only charged for some Christmas photos with another photog.  Are you telling me she charges for everything she does?  IF so, then yes, even though her “about” says she considers herself a photographer in training, then she (and you) need to accept criticism for her work.  Now, not everyone will like every photo but that’s not what I’m about.  I’m about the photo that is really just bad, technically or subjectively.  For example, let’s look at this one,


    with 33 likes.  While it is a cute shot of the kid, am I really asking so much for it to be in focus?  Do you know how easy it is to get a shot like this in focus?  So, the most basic thing, focus, is screwed up, the photographer is delusional enough to think it’s great, enough to think it should be public, and 33 delusional people on FB urge her to produce more doo-doo like this by “liking” it.  THAT’S what I’m talking about.  There is pic after pic with the same problem.  And that’s not the same as a “soft” picture.  When focus is on the child’s shirt and not on the eyes, time and time again, that’s a faux or at least someone in denial or having issues learning.  I don’t think too many people took perfect pics from the get-go, but sooner or later you have to figure out what you’re doing wrong and stop it.  Sadly, many fauxs are “photo blind” and don’t see anything wrong with their pics and that’s that.  You would be better telling Aleah that she has some problems she might want to address instead of “liking” her and maybe she will be one of the ones to actually want to improve her photos if she is still learning and avoid photos like this


    Just a simple and basic thing like white balance could have made this pic a tolerable basic shot of the couple and their kids.  I know she can do it because,


    and while not a stupendous shot, at least her dress isn’t so blue.  Sorry but that’s one of my pet peeves is the “blue wedding dress”.  Unfortunately, she also missed focus yet again.  Sigh.

    I’m not going to go on and on over this but tiffany, you have to realize that the thing that drives me nuts at least, is that many people can’t see a bad pic from a good one.  You don’t have to be a great or even good photographer to tell if a pic is crap.  But some people just don’t get it.  Trust me, Aleah is not that good.  That’s not to say she can’t get better.  That is really up to her but people telling her she rocks will encourage her to stay at the level she’s at and that’s doing her a grave disservice.



    Guys, you realize that responding to anyone with a username like “misstiffanybaby” is going to be like talking to a wall, right?  Just another fauxtog hack or friend of fauxtog hack who thinks they know it all just because they got their brand new Nikanon 1500d xti for Christmas and read some quote somewhere about how photography is all about vision and passion and anyone who says you have to learn the rules is a stuffed shirt.

    Reading misstiffanybaby’s posts was akin to having my teeth drilled.  Every other word being “yall” did make me laugh (in-between facepalms), though.  Actions will be taken by the law for slandering these “businesses?”  Yeah, ok.  We’ll just wait over here while the owners of these “businesses” file their police reports and then go through the questioning of why they haven’t registered their business or filed any kind of taxes for it…Seriously, good luck with that.

    Final thought; perhaps you should learn to speak, spell, and type properly before you come into a forum that consists entirely of real professionals who are sick and tired of losing business to spoiled little brats with entry level cameras and accuse them of slander.  Why?  Because, to us, you look like an uneducated bimbo who is trying to play with the big leagues.  Go back to your fauxtography and your $25 mini sessions.  And god forbid, don’t forget the selective coloring!!!


    whoops screwed something up in photobucket. I don’t know how else to post photos on forums so I used that and messed it up ha ha. I’m forum ignorant because I don’t post in them much. Oh well. Made it my avatar and now it’s all squishy.

    You’re right urkiddingright. I don’t usually reply or respond to things like that. I never seen someone threaten a legal action on a site like this. Photostealers  I see it all the time. It threw me for a loop. I don’t see authors or producers threatening those that review books and movies. Which I personally consider this site kinda like a review site, but  with work that is expected to be bad.  Anywho. Nice meeting you guys. I’m just a lurker because I have nothing original to add most of the time.



    whoops screwed something up in photobucket. I don’t know how else to post photos on forums so I used that and messed it up ha ha. I’m forum ignorant because I don’t post in them much. Oh well. Made it my avatar and now it’s all squishy.

    Your photo appeared, and looked good.  I imagine you moved it in Photobucket, deleted it, or changed permissions, which prevents this site from linking to what you originally posted.  Photos from Flickr are also easily linked.  There seems to be a spam filter that prevents linking from some sites, I have had mixed results linking to photos on one of my own pages.

    It’s been a while since I changed avatars.  Avatars have a specific shape, square, not 3:2 nor 4:3, so a crop will deliver an avatar that doesn’t squish when applied.  Different sites impose various restrictions on avatars, some have size limits and the file has to be prepared in advance.  A few have an editor that lets you crop and size from a selected photo.  Usually an image that’s a couple of hundred pixels on each side will work fine, though, I’ve seen a couple of sites that wanted a file of only 50 pixels!


    Good to know might play with it later.


    Aleah has a small handful of shots that may have had potential, had she gotten the technical stuff correct or made the shot more interesting. Then some of it is train-wreck material. Not saying she can’t improve, but with the volume of “work” on her page it appears as if she’s quite content to keep doing exactly what she is doing.

    Tiffany, slander is for one thing verbal, and the term you are looking for is “libel.” Libel first has to be proven to be untrue statements that have caused measurable hard to a business or person. One, I highly doubt Aleah is actually in business, and two, an opinion or review on the work of a person or business cannot be considered libel or slander. If I went online saying “I went to Aleah’s photography business and contracted measles and was in the hospital and got this huge bill!” and that never happened, well, that would be libel. Or, “Aleah took my pictures and was a complete jerk and swearing at my kids.” Yes, more libel or slander (if it didn’t happen, of course- sometimes these things are he said, she said).

    And yes, I’m a professional photographer and am legally in business and produce high-quality work and am constantly learning as well. I have a life, a pretty busy one actually, but sometimes I come here to discuss photography and get some comic relief.


    PS new fauxtog for the list. This one has been doing her thing for a few years now, with little to no improvement.


    The client (who appears to be her friend as well) jokingly whined for her posting this shot, and she replied that she shouldn’t have posed that way. Besides that, she is obviously trespassing on the tracks.


    and right there is the number ONE reason I would never hire a fauxtog!  Posting up my pictures like that and tagging my ass.  WTH?!  “Yep, I’ll just use Facebook to deliver my proofs to my clients.  It’s OK that they never saw them, or OKed them.  It’s about ME and what I want to do, not my clients.  If they don’t like them, too bad.  They will stay up for the world to see, because I’m just THAT clever and awesome”.

    I can’t tell you how many times I saw people comment “I don’t really like this one” or “I wish you hadn’t posted THIS one”  or “What’s wrong with my hair?”, only to be told Hahahaha “Too bad!  I like it and so does everyone else!”.  Talk about uncomfortable and awkward, but fauxs seem to be oblivious to it.  Or those pictures that get untagged, not shared, not purchased, not liked by the client/clients they continue to stay up, because the clients are too uncomfortable with saying they don’t like them for any reason.  Fauxs don’t seem to notice that either…. immmm if your client isn’t all “Oh Thank you so much, tagging themselves, sharing, bragging, etc (and ultimately purchasing them) guess what THAT means fauxs?  It means you didn’t do your job well regardless of your Aunt Sue’s comment “You are so talented.  These pictures are beautiful”.  “BAM!  There you go!  Your pictures are up for the world to see, wether you like them or not!”.  AHHHHHHHHHHHHHH my worst nightmare.  What happened to showing your clients their proofs privately?  and then getting a release signed before you post them?  I would never ever do that to someone, especially a friend or family member.  It’s horrible. ME ME ME ME ME I’m so awesome at this!


    Today, I present to you, Dean Moten-Photography.  Don’t you just love that he hyphenated “photography?”  Found him through the page of a band I follow and looking at his page made my eyes bleed.  Ok, not really, but it’s pretty effin bad.  For example…

    Aside from the poses being completely awful, if you’re going to use a cloth backdrop, at least have the decency to iron it:

    Blurry event photos make you feel like you were really there!  If you were drunk off your bum…

    Sepia toned wedding photos with pop up flash, for that touch of fauxtog class you crave:

    Found in an album called “Models for Hire” and based on the examples, no one will ever hire these models:


    Dean is also on Model mayhem – http://www.modelmayhem.com/2213277


    Dean reminds me of a few in my area. I’m not a fashion photographer myself. However, like some in my area who fancy themselves to be fashion/glamour/model photographers, he too seems to be trying to make a few quick bucks off of a few ladies who may or may not ever become models who likely have low budgets for portfolios. Ok, I don’t know all the facts or really any but I know about my local photographers and Dean is almost a carbon copy of them and that’s their story. Tip to the ladies if they ever find this post…”HIRE A REAL photographer if you ever want to get real paying gigs!”. Like the example, urkiddingright posted, were to be in that lady’s portfolio, she would never ever be hired for anything. Or you can continue to enjoy your pics of you looking sexay and out of focus in a random hallway https://www.facebook.com/Dean.Enterprises/photos/a.492337197573211.1073741832.491061987700732/508718985935032/?type=3&theater or pony up some cash and maybe go somewhere with your career. Stop listening to this faux who is likely telling you how great you look while he makes you look horrible. Your choice.
    Finally, it makes me cringe to see a wedding photo posted like the couple is missing on a milk carton. Yeah, it’s a bus shelter, practically the same thing. “Hey honey, remember our wonderful wedding day at the bus stop with the lovely garbage can”? https://www.facebook.com/Dean.Enterprises/photos/a.502703786536552.1073741838.491061987700732/502704789869785/?type=3&theater Egads. I would suggest falling back on your previous job of tour guide. Like how that qualified you in any way whatsoever to become a photographer I don’t know.


    That one might actually be funny and cute as a behind the scenes outtake or something. Or maybe it could be used for a drunk baby meme or other comedy purposes. Not as “professional” photo of course, but it is a pretty hilarious snapshot.


    “Hey honey, remember our wonderful wedding day at the bus stop with the lovely garbage can”?

    (cannot stop laughing)


    Ugh! This is when you get into an argument with a fauxtographer! I am the one with the pink box. Others left comments as well early on in the thread. I looked at this guy’s page, and it’s nothing but some guy-with-camera who attends low-level “fashion shows” with his (what appears to be) oversized point-and-shoot camera, taking blurry and grainy pictures of women. Then he just went on and on, calling me a cyber bully, a “no talent hack,” a witch, and a plethora of other things using poor grammar. Even after the admin stepped in, the guy continued to freak out. They always seem to resort to telling people their photos suck or they have no talent, and it’s always out of jealousy. I can assure you that the photos displayed on my page are in focus, not grainy, have nice light and color, etc. and are a million times better than his.  Here is his “business page:” https://www.facebook.com/pages/PH-PROS/498124273533390?sk=timeline

    Sorry for the multitude of screenshots but I don’t know how to embed them into thread directly. View them in order.

    1. <img src=”http://i62.tinypic.com/33o2t8g.jpg&#8221; border=”0″ alt=”Image and video hosting by TinyPic”></a>

    2. <img src=”http://i58.tinypic.com/kexhd2.jpg&#8221; border=”0″ alt=”Image and video hosting by TinyPic”></a>

    3. <img src=”http://i62.tinypic.com/ivjxqa.jpg&#8221; border=”0″ alt=”Image and video hosting by TinyPic”></a>

    4. <img src=”http://i59.tinypic.com/28lqkuh.jpg&#8221; border=”0″ alt=”Image and video hosting by TinyPic”></a>

    5. <img src=”http://i58.tinypic.com/fenxxh.jpg&#8221; border=”0″ alt=”Image and video hosting by TinyPic”></a>

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