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    Good God Fstopper!

    I’m fairly new to the whole facebook groups thing, and when I first started participating I was shocked at how much deleting went on.  Don’t like what people have to say?  Delete!  What the hell is that!?  Oh, so someone more experienced than you already made the mistakes you are making and took the time out of their day to help you through them and better your photography?  Screw them!  Snotty little mean bastards!  And screw all the others who were following along and learning as well!  And screw all the people who would also benefit from your criticism that missed it because you deleted your post!
    Same thing would happen here if there were an easy way to delete.  I don’t get that mentality at all.  Yep, I’ve been embarrassed of my mistakes/lack of knowledge before and have had countless “oh! Duh!” Photography moments out there in Internet land (and real life), but never once was I even tempted to delete or even never acknowledge the help and opinions I received from people who took the time to help me.  I HATE that too.  I figure too, that all my posts out there are searchable and helping others have less DUH moments than I have.  Is it uncool to be wrong and/or not know what the heck you’re doing when your new to something?  Better to just pretend and fake it.  I guess if you are selling your photography as a pro and you don’t know how to use your camera, it’s uncool… but to ignore and delete when you show photographers a picture and they tell you it’s OOF (or whatever obvious flaws the picture has) is just asinine.
    That fauxtog is crazy bad, and she’s not going to get any better with that attitude.


    I had to add this fauxtog because not only is their Facebook page littered with horrible cut out images on super imposed backgrounds, but their Valentines Day ad contains an image stolen from Amazon!!! What are these people thinking??


    and here is the Amazon Ad-




    Lol. Got in a mini argument on a photography story tonight with a fauxtographer. She was saying “I’m a photographer too! I wanna see the images they paid $xxxx for!” so I called her out that she’s not a professional photographer (serious over-softening using some free editing program, photoshopping people’s faces into fake scenes, etc.) and that she can’t judge another photog’s work until she knows how to use a camera. Oops, got a little heated. Then she comes back and says that she never said she was a professional photographer, that she has gotten countless awards and has been published, and that she is doing it for cheap out of the goodness of hear heart. Why do they ALWAYS justify it by saying they’re not “really a professional?” Ok, so she is charging money and advertising her services, but she concedes she isn’t a professional… smh.


    Found this one when she popped up to say “I’m good at Photoshop” when someone had requested a photographer for a college project.


    Some examples:


    She also edits other people’s photos, posts them on her page having stuck her watermark on them, showing she’s clueless about photography, photoshop and copyright.


    The above fauxtog just posted this on her page:

    “For the person who put my link and said im rubbish at photography on I am not a photographer site, I am a amateur and do photos for my self as a hobbie and I do fukin not steal anyone’s images and post them of as mine what a load of crap!! Little immature people u have a problem u come and say it to me not post my stuff in a stupid site saying things about me!!!”

    If it were my photo page being posted to this site, I would hope that would prompt some introspection and I would try to figure out what I need to do differently instead of being defensive and justifying my poor photography.


    OK so I haven’t been on this page for a very long time, stumbling on the above comments this LK has in her about page that she has been doing this for 9 years!! Need I say more

    Highly unprofessional to be swearing on your business page.


    Nothing screams “I’m a pro” more than the over-use of props.  A few of these could be a contender for “Where’s Waldo”.  Not to mention, well, most of the shots are truly horrifying.





    How about yall are nothing but scum for being cyber bullies! Where’s all yalls wonderful photography work? Oh thats right yall dont have none b.c you have no life but to sit up here and try to bash hard working individuals, are you threatened by their work? Or are you just so bored with yourlife you justify it by trying to put up a b.s website


    Show me one bad pic from  aleah leigh photography! Please im waiting b.c what yall ate doing is slander and actions will be taken by the law if this is not properly corrected. You cant slander a business you know nothing abour and not expect consequences!


    lol oops!

    I had no idea what you were talking about, so I had a scroll back to see if I could find anything about aleah leigh photography and WOE!  A little over reaction on your part there.

    This link was posted



    If you can’t see what’s hilariously wrong with this picture I don’t know what to tell you.


    Another personal favorite is this one.  lol oh my!




    Look there is absolutely nothing wrong with Aleah Leigh’s photography except that she’s attempting to charge people money for it.  It’s ridiculous, and quite funny/interesting when people think the can do something they are in fact unable to do.  Kind of like the American Idol auditions.  That whole train wreck can’t look away thing.  THAT’s why this site was born, because there are so many of them out there.  Aleah Leigh Photography’s photos all are just snap shots, some with odd editing, some without, but snap shots all the same.  Anyone with a camera and absolutely no photography background could have shot the same pictures.


    So what exactly makes us bullies?  Because we are talking about a “business” online that shares images publicly to advertise their “business”?  That makes no sense at all.  I put business in quotation marks because I highly doubt Aleah Leigh Photography is registered, licensed, insured, has a tax ID, yadda yadda… She’s just making some under the table cash when she can.  Even IF (and that’s a huge IF) she is doing this legitimately, she knows nothing about photography other than when you snap a button an image is made.  No need to take this so seriously and make a fool of yourself, she’s obviously not taking it seriously.


    For slander to be proven the statements made need to be untrue.  I think we were all quite honest here about Aleah Leigh Photography.  BTW by you coming here and mentioning Aleah Leigh Photography you have helped your friend’s business’ SEO.  If more people come here to talk about Aleah Leigh Photography like you were asking for us to do, this discussion may become searchable when someone types Aleah Leigh Photography into google.


    Hard working my ASS! I’m so tired of fauxtographers and fans of fauxtographers talking about how hard they work at making glorified snapshots and grabbing money from people under the table for their slop work.  You think it’s hard to do that?!  No, she’s having fun pretending to be a profitable photography business, and possibly got her feelings hurt a little when her page was talked about here and we all saw through it.  End of story.  Get over it, or not… it’d be slightly entertaining if you continued to rant about a subject you know nothing about I suppose.  I’m sure people found entertainment reading my comment.  Hey, what can I say?  I’m in a mood today, and this made me laugh so much.


    Actually, misstiffanybaby, I would be safe in saying that more than likely people who post here are seasoned photographers who can more than likely back up your accusations with good, quality work.  This entire “fauxphotographer” website exists because of the influx of “fauxphotogrophers” that have saturated the markets.  If any of the “fauxtographers” showcased in this thread can get on here and substantiate whether or not they have actually studied photography for the length of time required (or should be required, I should say), or backed up with Tax ID, registration and insurance before slapping up a facebook page and “business”, then by all means, we stand corrected.

    The proof is in the work, honey.  The results of actual quality photos, of which I haven’t seen in any of the examples provided here.



    awww man, I was really looking forward to slamming that “slander” line into the mud.  bwahahahahaha if I had a nickel for every time someone yelled slander about something and threatened to sue… hilarious.  Actually, misstiffanydbaby, I think that makes YOU a bully.  Don’t be a pot calling the kettle black, dear.

    In case you are really unsure what’s wrong with the basketball picture… first of all, selective coloring screams fauxtog all by itself.  Secondly, it’s not even done right, if you are going to make the ball in color, that little bit of the rim needs to be in black and white, too.  That just shows lazy editing.  The ball itself isn’t even perfectly colored and being able to see that on Facebook means that’s pretty bad.  The photo is EXTREMELY noisy and it is out of focus.


    This one is truly frightening in its ‘badness’.  There are dozens…probably hundreds on here (but my stomach couldn’t handle anymore!  😉



    misstiffanydbaby. Slander is verbal, libel is written. However, this is more of a review type site. Kind of like Rotten Tomatoes. They review movies and can very well say the movie had bad acting, poor picture quality, horrible plot, etc… It’s opinion. If people are posting on her page, emailing, pming or harassing her because of her work, than that is uncalled for. She should take whatever action she is entitled to for that.  If people want to pay for her style no one can stop them.  If you are representing this photographer as a friend or client, you are a supportive friend who is there to defend. Good job. Does it help her? I don’t know. She will either ignore the “review” and not re-evaluate her own work and continue on or she will step back and consider where she can improve.  If you want to know what is wrong with the photos, other than what Seth stated on the one, have her join a photography group on Facebook and post a CC request. They will help her learn and grow as a photographer. Even good photographers post CCs, they want to improve, and grow.  Sometimes we become attached to a photo, and need a non biased opinion. So that we can grow. Did she ask this forum to review her work. Nope, but this site is here, and no one can stop that. Just by lurking I have learned from this forum, this is my first time posting. I’ve learned the errors of other photographers and learned that you need a thick skin if you are going to post your work publicly. You wanted to see work. Here’s one of mine. It’s not perfect, I’m sure someone can pick it apart. It’s posted publicly.


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