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    i feel as though ANY of exit 10’s photos could be on this website… but this is a personal FAVORITE session of mine =} enjoy… https://www.facebook.com/media/set/?set=a.496559713690486.118370.218182021528258&type=3





    and what kills me is the amount of support she has! its crazy insane how much she is talked up in the local area.


    @dont.know here is a post from her personal facebook:

    Melissa N Rocky LaChance
    about an hour ago near Beale Air Force Base via mobile

    Seriously annoyed…. Please if you have issue with my work as a photographer or think I should do something different with an image I welcome the advice I honestly do but don’t comment how crappy you think it is on the clients image, not only does it make me look incompetent but it can also be hurtful to the person(s) in the image! Ive never had to block someone from my page before…. First time for everything I guess

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    Mindy Wagner That’s terrible! I’m sorry dear;/
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    Katherine N Rowland Towle Wow! Respect ppl. You’re an amazing photographer and person
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    Selisha Nesary WTF is wrong with people? You’re amazing and I have loved every session you have done for me. And you just keep getting better. Sorry friend, that person needs a lesson in manners.
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    Santana Lynn Kassay That’s just rude!!!!! Seriously I’ve got nothing but comments on my pics by you…… aj n I love them!!
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    Melissa N Rocky LaChance Yeah Im a bit blown away.
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    Melissa N Rocky LaChance I honestly am to the point of tears! They said well I have thousands of dollars in gear and invest over %50 of my profits into my work and your stuff is offensive to photography! Really jerk? That’s cool I do it cuz I love it and I’m military and we don’t make jack let alone have thousands to invest in my gear. They said yeah I assumed you were a military wife
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    Selisha Nesary What a snatch!
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    Selisha Nesary Don’t listen they are jealous because you kick ass without thousands of dollars of equipment, which means you have true skill and talent. You don’t hide behind fancy gear.
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    Katherine N Rowland Towle What a B***h! Sorry for the anger but that’s messed up and I feel for you
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    Mindy Wagner Was this on your page??
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    Melissa N Rocky LaChance yeah they deleted there comments tho, i checked and there were never even a fan of my page
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    Melissa N Rocky LaChance they
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    Melissa N Rocky LaChancehttps://www.facebook.com/#!/dawntt.caree?fref=ts this is the person who was all up on my page

    Dawntt Caree


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    Aubrey Girod so this guy made a fake profile!?
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    Mindy Wagner Do you think someone would do that who you know? like maybe one of your old friends or something? I have had friends” do that to me before.either way, you don’t deserve that and it isn’t fair.




    you have NO IDEA how great you just made my night




    @ Zackfish — my friend is in the St. Louis area but I won’t be recommending her because she’s incredibly busy right now and if you called her business you’d get the partner, who IS a fauxtog!  Ugh, I keep telling her to go on her own and stop cleaning up other’s messes.


    And yeah, not to be rude to military wives but what percentage of fauxtographers are military wives who are stationed somewhere?  80%?  85%?  😛



    i am a military wife and i do own my photography business and pay my taxes and it pisses me off that there are those fauxtogs that give us a bad rep. but i agree that it seems like any time a military wife gets a new camera 5mins later they are making their photography fan page and charging people money.


    Yeah that’s what I mean.  It’s like, ok I’d like some money, so what can I set up shop doing?  I know it can be hard to get a job as a mw because employers think you’re just going to run off as soon as hubby’s transferred…  which you’d have to, so I see their point.  But really how hard is it to hone your craft before setting up shop, like youwishyouknew.  So tired of people not caring about their jobs and how they do them, be it photographers or electricians or painters or lawyers etc.  People are so damn lazy now, as a whole, and they ruin it for the rest of us.  I don’t understand why people have such crappy work ethics now, they just don’t give a damn about anything.

    My sister’s a mw.  She has a salon on the base she lives on – she’s out of country.  But guess what?  She went to school to be able to do this while her husband was stationed overseas, she got her license, and she learned her stuff.  These fauxs whine about not getting paid enough, but, um… yeah.

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