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    Welp, I’m lobbying the Government for better laws to prevent the horror that is; The Assault Camera.

    Fully automatic, 16-128gb or higher capacity SD/CF cards, pistol ( battery grips ), straps, sheesh.. In the hands of deranged individuals, they can be weapons of eyeball destruction.


    Have been lurking for a while, I’m not a photographer myself, I just love looking at professional photographers work and thought I would post one I came across on fb, not all her work is terrible but this made me chuckle



    Yeah, um, proper hand positioning for the Heimlich Maneuver is a bit lower and more centred.


    Carrie Gearing Photography is the newest fauxtog of the day.


    The first example highlights the importance of good posing, or obvious lack thereof in this case:


    Some people never learn not to pose your model in direct sunlight:


    White shirt + direct sunlight = Blown out & no definition


    Lazy spot coloring for sorta like half the photo:


    Bad posing strikes again for more awkward kissing:


    So blurry, yet still watermarked and posted:




    Have been lurking for a while, I’m not a photographer myself, I just love looking at professional photographers work and thought I would post one I came across on fb, not all her work is terrible but this made me chuckle

    That whole album is going to give me nightmares.


    Ew, how does Rebecca Lange manage to take every photo completely out-of-focus?

    Those boudoir ones are just tacky for a FB page. I can understand the couple requested they be posted, but as a photographer I’d post just a couple of the nondescript and more tame shots and tell them I want to keep the page family-friendly.

    I don’t want to sound mean, but I’m having trouble figuring out if this is a maternity shoot… or, well, not. If not, bad idea posting a photo of her shirt riding up and belly sticking out here https://www.facebook.com/photo.php?fbid=475991719126658&set=a.473897686002728.111266.226052530787246&type=3&theater And well, something’s in focus here but not the person, isn’t complete automatic focus GREAT? https://www.facebook.com/photo.php?fbid=475986562460507&set=a.473897686002728.111266.226052530787246&type=3&theater . Also, every photographer should be counseling clients before their session on types of clothing to wear. I would NEVER do a session if they were dressed like this! “Aeropostale Athletic Division” or whatever all over both their shirts, neon heart stretchy yoga pants, seriously! I always tell people types of clothes to wear. Words and large graphics are pretty much the first “no” I explain, and the reasons why.



    Heh so granted this is terrible when I saw it. But I feel like conceptually it could be a lot of fun. Blocking the subject with a phone, but showing whats behind the phone on the phone. ( that was incredibly awkwardly stated). Sort of like that series of old photographs superimposed over the areas they were taken in modern time. Again I doubt very much there was any thought put into this shot, but I could see a series using that concept haha https://sphotos-a.xx.fbcdn.net/hphotos-ash3/529420_407579475998136_2130669026_n.jpg


    I’ve compiled a master list of shots every self respecting fauxtographer should have in his/her portfolio…errr..I mean fb page.

    1. “studio” shots strictly with on-camera flash only. (shitty wrinkled backdrop is a must.) Studio shots must include: jaundiced 2 day old infants in tu-tus and gaudy headbands in precarious positions, gross maternity shots with expectant mother revealing her belly button ring adorned abdomen. (+ or- tatted up baby daddy), nasty out of focus boudoir shots with overweight, middle-aged women holding a rose while lounging on a cracked leather sofa (bonus points for selective coloring the rose.).

    2. Railroad tracks. Mother freaking railroad tracks. Anything goes this this. You can have your newborn out there in the middle, sitting in a bucket or something, or maybe do your maternity shots with the god-awful heart hands over the belly,  the tracks are very versatile and are a hallmark sign of a great fauxtographer.

    2. Kids sittin in the woods. Out of focus? yep. Shot at 1pm? Pssshhh! Is there any OTHER time to photograph someone outdoors? Clothing should be as distracting as possible, with name brands proudly displayed all over. Alternately, hunting camo is acceptable, as well. And, it goes without saying, every shot should appear as if it were taken with an elph P&S, whether it was or not. Strike that, make that my Nokia cell phone camera I had in 2003.

    I know I’m probably missing some very important steps, but these are just a jumping off point.


    ^ LOL

    Have to add:

    Maternity shots with over-saturated colors making the hairs and stretch marks even more noticeable. (Of course the woman didn’t shave or bleach the hairs like she should have.) Ok, I have not been pregnant ever yet so I suppose maintaining grooming such as that might be difficult, but for god’s sakes at least do it for exposed belly maternity photos. AND even if she didn’t, and had horrible stretch marks, the photographer should be smoothing and photoshopping those out or at least minimizing them.

    Photo captioned with “wow look at his amazing eyes!” where the eyes are completely out-of-focus. (Saw that tonight actually)

    Engagement photos of redneck couple, sitting on their tailgate, shot at an upwards angle so as to accentuate double-chins even if they don’t really have double chins.

    The tree-hugging pose.

    Cute kid photo ruined by all the cars and stop signs in the background since it was shot at the only local park that the fauxtographers know to shoot in. (Such is true in my town, which is why I rarely shoot any sessions in that park, even though it has beautiful spots… everyone and their mother has photos taken in the same covered bridge and in front of the same fountain!) At least some of us put an effort into finding unique locations, some of which are private property that we’ve secured permission to be on.

    Photo of kid wearing Elmo t-shirt where the fauxtog made the entire photo black-and-gray but left Elmo’s eyes in color.


    Wow props wtf, you scored a serious fauxtog on your first at bat.  You have stumbled upon a gold mine.  Congrats!  Cathleen’s Sentimental Photography has it all folks and I definitely want to highlight this one today!


    First off, her about page is great:

    “We do Family Portraits, Maternity Shots, Engagements, Newborn Shots in the hospital or at home, Infants, Children, Children’s Sporting Events, Weddings, Senior Portraits,Birthday Parties, Holidays and Special Occassions Photography and much more.”

    The Occasions are so Special we don’t even spell it right!  Also I love that she has absolutely no specialization and has the gear to do basically everything that she can bring a camera to.

    Advertising.  Cathleen is all about some advertising.  She apparently knows a thing or two about Photoshop (or Picasa, Instagram, whatever) and loves to make ads.  Props for being proactive and marketing, but some of these would make me run screaming to the hills.

    Here is an for newborn photography.  $65 to have a stranger watch you give birth, and then take pictures with their camera phone!


    In this photo I can’t tell what I love more, the generous application of selective coloring to various parts of the photo, the multiple borders and fonts/colors for the writing, or the child whose pose says I’m constipated and currently working on filling my diaper.  Actually, I’ve decided its none of these.  My favorite is the blur effect that was added to the house in the left side of the background.  I totally missed that house being there, thanks to the generous blur.  Its so much easier to just fix that stuff in post than actually composing your shot:


    More selective coloring applied in about the laziest manner possible.


    Not sure what the focus is supposed to be in this shot.  Guessing none at all?


    Same here:


    Not sure about the focal point, pose, or the reason for it being so overexposed:


    A mothers love should be overexposed:


    Magic levitating suitcases!


    This expecting mother apparently suffered a tragic accident and only has a thumb on her left hand:






    Thanks for keeping this SFW:


    Animal Photography too:


    Baby’s playing with Christmas lights:


    Oh thank God she does Boudoir Photography too!!!  I don’t even know what to say for this, so I’m just posting the link to the album.


    Last, but not least, our favorite fauxtog in the only slightly overexposed and grainy flesh, but with 4 borders AND a pink vignette:


    I’m sorry I know I try not to make it too personal, but this lady might be the worst fauxtographer I have seen that didn’t make it to the front page.  Only because she has been on FB for a year with her page and seems to be doing a lot of shooting, editing and promoting of her page and even has a “studio”, yet she seems to have not developed at all in that time.  Instead she seems to have fallen into all of the typical “faux” traps.  Selective coloring.  Lots of vignettes and borders.  Cliche shooting locations.  Tons of props.  No eye for composition of the shot, realization on how to use the camera, or anything else for that matter.


    I love the comments on this one http://www.facebook.com/photo.php?fbid=407386252673262


    Yikes, Cathleen says on her page “going through my computer and deleting lots of photos so if you haven’t purchased a CD and want one, let me know by 6 pm!” That’s such a great business tactic, (snicker snicker) giving people less than one day before permanently deleting all their photos. If she were a real professional she’d have the photos backed up on an external and an online hosting site, at least… personally I guarantee to keep images for 6 months from session date in my contract but in reality I’ve never permanently deleted any sessions since they don’t need to stay on my computer any longer after I’m done with them!

    This one which someone pointed out https://www.facebook.com/photo.php?fbid=407386252673262 people commented on how she got the eyes to look like that. She said she uses Photoshop 4, Lightroom 4, and sometimes a free website like she used for this particular image. And she owns a “Cannon” and a Fuji camera, and this was shot with the Fuji. What, a FinePix point and shoot? Can’t even spell Canon right either!

    Huge safety risk for a baby and someone should point that out… https://www.facebook.com/photo.php?fbid=395986363813251




    PS can someone click the link and see if the page still exists?


    After I informed the real photographer that his image was stolen by this guy, the guy messaged me all mad. He deleted the offending image (even after telling me he really had permission but in actuality did not at all) and after I called him out on stealing another image of a model he blocked me. I’m just curious if he blocked me or just deleted his page altogether. It had somewhere that it was a marketing company but he had everything misspelled and with improper grammar (like, “we are a marketing’s company”) so I highly doubt he actually gets all the contracts like he told me, or even knows what marketing is. He had awful out of focus work and was was trying to sound like he’s an amazing photographer.

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